The Truth About Twin Flame “Union”

Greetings and infinite blessings everyone!

This is Sonja Evans from 10 of Cups Ministries.

Thank you so much for joining me for this teaching video:

The Truth About Twin Flame Union

Now as a Twin Flame Teacher and a healer as well as a Twin Flame in Union, I was guided to create this video as a way to clear up some of the misconceptions about Union and what it truly is, what it truly means, with the hope of informing you about what you “signed up for” and with the hopes of opening up your understanding to the depth of what Union is on all levels.

In Twin Flame circles there is such an emphasis on “Union,” and “getting back into Union” or “When is Union happening?” is always a popular question amongst those in separation, but the first thing that I would like to say is that regardless of what your Twin Flame situation is in the physical right now, whether you’re speaking, you’re not speaking, you had a blowout and you guys are in your cocoon time or in separation or even if you are together and communicating consistently but things are rocky right now, I want you to know that you are in Union right now.

I will clarify what I mean by that by clearing up the first misconception: that Union is not an event that occurs once you and your Twin Flame get back together.

That is more “reconciliation” than it is Union.

In fact Union is not an event at all but rather a process of harmonization that occurs as both parties clear non-coherent patterns within the self, balance Sacred Masculine and Feminine within the self.

As this occurs, you are able to vibrationally align with the frequency of the unit’s codes and frequencies in ever-increasing amounts.

What we often refer to as Union is merely the point that Twin Flames get to when they have purged enough mis-qualifying energy to remain in an actual and consistent 3D relationship without the triggers that create prolonged separation or absence of contact.

Even so, triggering and running and separation does not necessarily end once you move back into that space, which brings me to my next point:

There are a lot of erroneous beliefs out there that

“Once you are in Union or back together with your Twin Flame, the heavens will part and you and your Twin Flame will be sailing off into the sunset or into 5D or wherever on a sparkling unicorn or that all of your problems are instantly over.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You have to keep in mind that though you and your Twin Flame share the same core frequency, you have had many lifetimes apart from one another.

So you have this karmic load, you have the ancestral load that you’ve inherited from your family matrix, you have other experiences that kind of shape who you are and how you perceive the world, and you have different personalities beliefs values and perceptions.

Because of those, there’s going to be clashing just like any relationship, Twin Flame or not.

You will continue to trigger each other you will continue to disagree, and you’ll fight and bicker just like any other relationship.

Andy and I have been together in Union as a “couple” for several years now and believe me, we fight, we come close to separation sometimes, we disagree, we need space from each other, and so will you and your Twin Flame regardless of how wonderful and blissful it is at times because it is a process.

The key here in the situation that I just mentioned and even with Andy and I is moving back into harmonization by taking responsibility for one’s actions, thoughts, beliefs, and reactions.

It’s about realizing even if you and your Twin Flame are in each other’s lives (particularly living together as that is a goal and an intention and something that many of you are holding space for with your Twin Flame) that this is never about the other party.

This is about you owning your stuff as it comes up and in all honesty it becomes more challenging when you live with your Twin Flame because

  1. Your Twin Flame will trigger you like no other, and
  2. when you are in a shared living situation there’s nowhere to run or hide from the mirror, so it can get pretty intense…

and I’m definitely speaking from my own experience.

However, what makes it work is having your Twin Flame be at that level of consciousness where they are able to take responsibility they are able to own their stuff.

They are able to manage their reactions and self-reflect and catch themselves when they’re moving back into ego are back into those knee-jerk reactions that come from our programming.

That being said, if your Twin Flame is not at the level of consciousness or awareness where they can do that then you will find the relationship moving into unhealthy states of non-coherence and difficulty sustaining and maintaining the actual physical relationship as projections and resentments can begin to fester.

So in other words, the triggering, the clashing and even sort of a low degree of separation still occurs even once you get back together unless you have both reached that level of consciousness where you can merge and experience harmonization without those interruptions to the relationship.

Frankly I know many Twin Flames who are in “Union” or are together and to this very day they still have that even when both parties are in that level of consciousness because nobody has reached the level of Ascension where they’re free from all of their programming and all of their triggers and all of their stuff.

There’s just nobody as far as I know who’s actually there yet.

We’re all working toward that.

So… What is Union?

Union is an unfolding process of merging on all levels as both parties are guided through the stories of their lives to create balance and mastery within.

It is two parties being “in” love with each other, and when I say this it’s kind of like a play on words where you have two distinct people, two distinct entities who are in that frequency of love alongside each other being in love with each other.

This doesn’t happen overnight.

It doesn’t happen when your Twin Flame finally hits you up again on Google Hangouts or messages you on Facebook.

It is an ongoing process and this unfolding will continue to perfect itself.

It begins and “kick starts” the moment you first come together.

In that process there will be separation which is much much needed.

Most of the time there will be returns.

There will be irritation and arguments, there will be times of self-reflection, and there will be realignments and redirects by your Higher Self.

There will be a slow and steady progress to Oneness that will only be as good as both parties’ openness to that process.

Some people on the Twin Flame journey have been fortunate enough to meet their Twin Flame who is also consciously working on themselves or at best open to changing and growing even if they don’t have all the new-age jargon down.

Most of us are not that fortunate and may find things a little lopsided energetically, but I do encourage you if you do find yourself in that space and you seem to be holding it down energetically in for your Twin that:

  • praying for him or her,
  • calling in the Angels the Archangels the ascended masters, and
  • surrounding your twin flame with violet flame and healing light forgiveness and compassion

are all tools that you can use to support them in connecting with their Christ self and their soul note.

Now note I said connecting with their Higher Self and Soul Note and not with you.

I say this because in doing the former it opens pathways to the latter and not the other way around.

Union is something that already exists as you are already one outside of all space-time and dimension, outside of this time-space continuum, you are one. The Union is there.

As these frequencies trickle down into physical density, touching your Twin Flame’s free will and other dynamics, it may result in what we popularly call “Union” or it may not.

The majority of the Twin Flames that I have worked with, Spirit has shown me a timeline of them being “together” in a romantic or service-oriented capacity but aligning with and manifesting that timeline requires effort, patience, and the clearing of energetic mismatch.

Whether or not that timeline is the one that we end up on once again depends a lot on the factors that I mentioned earlier in the video.

The freewill choice is made by both parties and the frequencies of both parties as well.

To wrap it up, Union is a process that involves the trickle-down of the Union that you already have and Oneness outside of this time-space continuum into physical reality manifesting as two whole halves creating one whole through the mechanism of relationship.

As the consciousness of both parties changes and shifts there is a great potential for joy and definitely of service as those of you who have interfaced with 10 of Cups Ministries have seen with Andy and I as our gifts and talents definitely complement.

In getting to that space it does require and will require facing our fears, taking responsibility for our stuff, and shifting our vibration.

This doesn’t end when you transcend separation and move into a more static relationship.

It is something that you will continue to work on and they, your Higher Self, and your guides will continue to refine in both parties until you reach that space where you experience that Oneness.

I wanted to shed light on this topic because I feel there’s a lot of misunderstanding and illusion around this that is setting people up with expectations that ultimately need lead to disappointment due to misunderstanding you are not moving into Union as a some day event as much as you are navigating Union right now –

which honestly has nothing to do with getting back together with someone, and everything to do with working on your own process and allowing them to do the same and coming together when it is in accordance with what both parties need for spiritual growth, evolution, and service.

I do hope that some of these nuggets of wisdom were helpful and insightful for you in your own Twin Flame Journey and navigating through this powerful spiritual transformation that is the Twin Flame Journey and relationship.

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