Calling All Beloveds!! Your Twin Flame Union or Sacred Partnership Is Here Now, Even if Nothing Has Worked for You Yet.

Here It Is: Your Full Twin Flame Reunion Blueprint!!

Eleven passion-and-power packed modules of Sonja's original teaching and energy healing, in E-Book format with audios linked from within the book for your convenience and reflection questions at the end of each module. Module 11 is a video module featuring a very special guest, to help you transform and shift into Lasting, Fulfilling Union with Your Sacred Love!!   

A Complete Joyful Reunion System for You!!

Hello! Andy here!!

If you've been "on the inside" with Sonja for her and your journey from the beginning, then you know how magical the story is.

Her transformation from the pain and confusion of estrangement and conflict, to full harmonious Union, with a lovely view of Mt. Shasta from our window in the first half of 2017, and now back in Massachusetts serving together, is a dream come true.

Sonja is all about dreams coming true, and she really wants those who resonate with her work to know if she can do it, despite her own challenges, blocks, and circumstances, so can you!

She has lovingly shared what has worked for her and many of her clients to clear the energetic debris that creates hinderence to Union.​

I started to put this course together as a labor of love and learning, based on Sonja's original healing and teaching audios and videos, and my desire to understand Twin Flame love. Then I gave it to Sonja, and she re-wrote each module completely. (WOW! <3 <3 ) and she added beautiful reflection questions at the end of each module. Although we don't guarantee any specific results, we do feel and believe, based on Sonja's myriads of stunning testimonials, that Twin Flame Reunion Blueprint is the course for your fulfilling, lasting Union because it is some of the "best of" all of her life changing and potent activations and insights that have helped turn countless Unions around... hers included!

Your "Twin Flame First Aid Kit" Includes:

Mod​ule 1:

First Things First: Is this Really Your Twin Flame?

In this module, we begin with the most important aspect of Twin Flame Reunion...knowing for sure if this is your Twin Flame with 2 powerful and fool proof tests!

  • Learn why popular TF sign checklists don't always work and how you can be 100% sure!
  • Included Activation! Twin Flame Tests: Two tests to determine, or get the ball rolling toward determining, if he or she is truly your Twin Flame. 

Module 2:

Total Eclipse of the Heart?!: Clearing Heart Armor

In this module, Sonja gives you teaching and a healing activation for clearing this energetic plaque from the heart chakra from past heartache, that blocks out the inflow and outflow of Love!

    • Included Activation!! Clearing Heart Armor: This activation, extracted from Sonja's very popular You Tube Video, guides you through an energy clearing to clear, open and reset the Heart Center.

Module 3:

Two Is Twin Flame Bliss, Three’s A Crowd: When Your Twin Flame is With Another

    • Included Activation!! The Basket of Transmutation: An energetic activation to help release jealousy, anger, and negative feelings toward all parties involved in the Love Triangle, and transform the situation through the Power of Divine Love and to diffuse your own emotional suffering, transmuting it into its Highest Octave.

Module 4: 

Push/Pull: Is it Running or Is it Us Shoving?

In this module, learn how your subconscious beliefs and programs actually create the very running and separation in your Union that you want to end, and what you can do about it!

  • Utilize Sacred Mirroring to release old programming and shift the frequency of the Union!
  • Weed out dissonant energies between you and your Twin Flame at the root!

Module 5: 

Angels in the Twin Flame Outfield: Our Unseen Support System

In this module, Sonja provides guidance on how to connect to your Angelic Teams, and those of your Twin Flame for miracles, and transformation. 

  • Stop throwing your money and power at psychics, and make use of the powerful and loving assistance you have in the form of the Angelic and Archangelic realms and Ascended Masters for amazing transformation of Twin Flame challenges!
  • Included Activation: Infinity Healing for Connecting to Your and Your Twin Flame's Angels:  Clear the static from your Intuitive Centers, and connect with your angelic teams and the way that they communicate with you specifically!

Module 6: 

Give Me A Reason To Love You: Conditional vs. Unconditional Love

In this module, Sonja introduces the one of the most common and lethal dissonant energies and barriers to Twin Flame Harmony and Self Love: The Conditional Love Program.

Discover what this program is, where it originates, and how you can release it from further draining your self worth, and manifesting as problems in your Union.​

Module 7: 

Sex With No Cords Attached: Clearing Blocks to Sacred Sexuality

In this module, Sonja explores the alchemical nature of Sacred Sexuality between Twin Flames, and how the current becomes blocked, or the space compromised: 

  • Included Audio! Return to Zero Point Sexually : This Language of Light Activation will assist in dissolving cords to past lovers, oaths and vows of celibacy in other lifetimes, imprints from sexual abuse and trauma, and emeshment with morphic fields that serve as energetic dissonance to the core frequency of the Union, as a prelude to Sexual Fusion with your Beloved, or to enhance your existing Sacred Space.

Module 8: 

The “F” Word: Forgiveness

In this module, learn how to move past the horrible and hurtful things your Twin Flame may have said and done, and back into your Heart Space.

  • Release all parties involved by understanding the nature and power of forgiveness!
    • Included Activation: Ho' Opono Pono Healing to Forgive Your Twin Flame: This activation uses the Ho'Opono Pono mantra as a prompt for a download of healing energy that transmutes bitterness and unforgiveness at the original entry point between you and your Twin...or with anyone you feel unforgiveness toward!

Module 9:

What Running/Chasing is Truly All About

In this module, Sonja explores "repelling frequencies" in detail,  and the two core energies that manifest as running and chasing!

Learn how to neutralize the repelling force that activates running energetically by clearing this very common childhood core wound.

Module 10: 

There’s No Moment Like the Present Moment: The Importance of Being in the Now in the Twin Flame Journey

In this module,  understand how being in the NOW puts you in the power seat in your Twin Flame Union.

  • Stop wondering what will happen in the future with your Reunion, and begin creating it with these powerful principles!
    • Included Activation: Anchoring in the Now Activation: Pulls your consciousness and all aspects of you from being grounded in the past and/or future, so that you can align with the infinite possibilities of the NOW!!

Module 11: 

Of Miracles and Magic…

with special guest "Merlin"​!

In this video module, Sonja introduces a very special guest to share the importance of Inner Child Connection to move into the frequency of magic and miracles!

Learn how to emerge as the hero/heroine of a most enchanted love story through the power of the Inner Child Consciousness. 

Sonja and I are so eager to see you shift into Union, that we are offering the 11-module course in PDF form (Module 11 is a video!!) with reflection questions for each module, and Seven Audio Activations, well worth $77.77, at the shockingly low price of $37.77 if you order today!!

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And if you're new to 10 of Cups Ministries, or just want to take your inner work to the Next Level? 

We have something for you too!!

It's the Twin Flame Reunion Blueprint Plus Package, featuring everything listed above PLUS these Super Charged Bonus Audio Activations:

  • I AM that I AM: Assists in connecting to ones Higher Self, and clears intuitive centers for increased clarity. Bonus for Module 1.
  • Deactivating Emotional Triggers: Clears emotional charge stored in the cellular memory and pain body from painful experiences in this, and other lifetimes, that creates defense mechanisms and self sabotaging behaviors that keep love and joy out, minimizing “reacting” when these places are triggered. Bonus for Module 2.
  • Sweet Surrender: Assist in Surrendering to the Greatest Good when circumstances are beyond your control, and to bring peace and understanding to the Lessons each situation serves to show you. Bonus for Module 3.
  • Deactivating Fear of Loss: Release the fear of “losing your Twin Flame,” and restore trust that everything meant to be yours will be, in perfect Divine Timing. Bonus for Module 3.
  • Sacred Marriage with Archangel Metatron: Assists in balancing polarized energy that manifests as an “opposing force” within your Twin Flame Dynamics. Bonus for Module 4.
  • Clearing Confusion: Clears static on the line between ones Higher Self and angelic guides, and intuitive channels, to dispel confusion that keeps us running in circles and looking outside of ourselves for answers. Bonus for Module 5.
  • Clearing the Conditional Love Program: Release self judgement, the judgement you have of others, and the messages you have received about needing to fit others standards and expectations to be loveable. Bonus for Module 6.
  • Core Wound Clearing Series Inner Child Beliefs: Love is Impossible to Earn: Release programming installed in childhood, where love is withheld as a means to control behavior, or where we were given the message we would never be good enough or acceptable, and the ways we attract this in our TF Union by trying to be perfect, or a sense of futility about feeling or being good enough for our partner and downloads new beliefs of self love and worth. Bonus for Module 6.
  • 7 Ray Healing for Twin Flames: Clears and syncs up the chakra pillar between both Twins for maximum intimacy, Oneness, and sexual fusion. Bonus for Module 7.
  • Clearing the Fear of Abandonment/Commitment Program: Releases the primary core wound that is responsible for running/chasing among Twin Flames. Bonus for Module 9.
  • Restoring Trust Energetic Process: Bring back your ability to give with unconditional love, in a way that is safe and fulfilling for you.

You receive the E-Book Course, the Seven Included Audios, plus 11 BONUS Audios, to assist you out of frustration, and confusion, and take a quantum leap into the Divine Birthright that is, abundance, and bliss within yourself, and alongside your Sacred Partner!

You can get this arsenal of wisdom and energy clearings from Sonja (over a $250 value with all the bonus audios) for the dramatically reduced rate of $111, because we want You to move into Union and your highest path in the easiest, simplest way Now!!

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We are happy and excited to welcome you aboard the "Reunion Express" if this resonates as you choose the path that most aligns with your Highest Truth and Highest Good.

Rooting for Your Infinite Blessings and Infinite Love,

Sonja and Andy

PS: If you have any questions, you are very welcome to ask! Please email us at We do not offer refunds, only exchanges in the event of a defective link or file. We do not store financial information, all transactions are managed by PayPal. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health conditions. Consult your health care provider for all health care needs, and then let's get blissed out, in Union!! 

PPS: Even if the full blueprint isn't a "Yes!!" yet, don't go away empty handed!​ Sonja has made a special teaching audio, "Four Degrees of TF Separation" and e-book, "Stand Up for Your Union!" for you! Click here for instant access.