Three Signs That Twin Flame Reunion After Separation is Still Within Reach

Hello, Blessed and Beautiful friend!

Sonja and Andy here!

In this post, we want to connect with you about a topic that comes to everyone’s mind at some point on the Twin Flame journey, especially after separation, and that is:

“When do I give up?”

It is our desire to be of service to you if you have endured a separation with your Twin Flame or Divine Partner, or have been “chasing” for a super long time and you’re wondering if there is still a shred of hope for Reunion or whether there are any signs and tiki torches you can use to light your way.

For those who have not seen or heard from their Twin Flame in a year or more, a “no” on these three signs can be indicator that some deep soul searching and surrender may be in order.

While we are not in a position to say what’s possible for you or not, as everyone’s Union is unique, we would like to share three signs that Union is something reasonable for you to be open to after periods of extremely long separation based on our own experience, and trends we see among our clients and those who write in for advice.

We would like to share our opinions and insights in response to various situations we have been asked about, where being together again truly seems against all odds.

If you find that you are ready to consciously attract reunion, please check out the Twin Flame Reunion Blueprint (the Plus package is the best deal).

For those who are able to shift back into alignment, we have noticed some noteworthy commonalities in their stories. Maybe you can use them as a place of reflection to help you determine whether you have a “Green light” with your Twin.

Although we have seen some miraculous stuff happen with these Unions (check the testimonials!), there comes a point with all things if they are not working, and haven’t been for what feels like eons, that one must reassess the situation and consider detaching.

“Dangling carrot syndrome” can be prevalent in Twin Flame circles and we do not feel it behooves anyone to hold a space of faith for a situation that has not budged and is not budging no matter what we do, because it wasn’t necessarily meant to be.

If anything, we hope this article provides you with a “measuring stick,” so you can track where your own situation is at, and make decisions and take action accordingly toward Reunion, or something even better!

Without further ado… here are the three signs of hope that we have come up with based on our experience. Please share this with friends as it resonates with you!

If you feel a strong “Yes” to the above, the Twin Flame Reunion Blueprint may be your next step! 😀

Here’s our take on the infographic, to help you get the most out of it for your Union! ❤️?

1. Do you and your Twin Flame still mutually keep in touch?

Do you and your Twin communicate by phone calls, texting, emails or messaging, whether regularly or even once in a while, even if just as friends?

Communication is the life-blood of any relationship, and if it is still happening, even if occasionally after several years, then the relationship is still being nourished, because you are still relating and exchanging energy, even if not in large amounts.

And even if you haven’t spoken in a while, do you have a way to get in touch with them and/or vice versa. If you at least have that, then at the very least there is an opening for one or both parties to go through to reconnect when and if that is chosen.

We have talked to many on the Twin Flame path who are waiting on someone to return to their lives that they have no idea how to get in touch with. And while it could still happen, it becomes harder to connect with another if you don’t even know where they are.

We also would like to add that the communication is two-way. This means they contact you as well, and return your communications within reasonable time when you contact them.

Anyone who is not answering us, blocking us on social media, etc, is not interested in communicating or being part of our life, regardless of what we believe to be true of the situation.

Neither is someone who has quite clearly has said to leave them alone, and has held their ground about not wanting to talk consistently over a length of time.

It is at this point where one needs to move into sweet surrender and “Or something even better” mode, which is so essential with love, because ultimately we cannot control another person’s free will, as heart-breaking their choices may be.

No matter what happens, we can act in integrity and unconditional love, resulting in a life of more and more bliss.

2. Your Twin Flame is not married or not in the process of leaving their partner

Please know, regardless of what we believe to be true of the situation, and even if this is truly our Twin Flame, we are never to interfere with another’s soul contracts and marital commitment to another.


Our soul knows just what to draw to ourselves for our growth and evolution, and drawing love that is unavailable to us in every sense of the word can be a powerful way to reflect upon our own belief systems.

By asking Higher Selves, our angels, or the Divine the question: “If I claim I am ready for the blissful love of the Twin Flame Union, then why did I attract someone I cannot be with? Why was I not in alignment with it?

We might be surprised is revealed and the ways in which we are truly keeping love away from ourselves if we are willing to go there, and what can and does change once we heal and release it.

Waiting to be with someone who is married and not leaving their partner, or even talking about doing so, we feel is so unwise on every level.

We deserve to be loved and receive love that is joy-full and present. Sitting around in a cosmic waiting room for your Twin Flame to leave his/her partner or happily taking the “other man/woman” role is not being loving toward yourself.

If your Twin Flame is not using his free will to end his previous contracts to be with you, then releasing the notion of being together in Union may be your only option,  and at the very least an opportunity to explore what is keeping you from misaligning with available, present love.

Whichever it is for you, we are co-creating with Source to manifest our Highest Good in all ways.

Remembering that all Souls love each other on the Highest Level by offering us opportunities for growth and expansion, often hidden in bewildering dynamics empowers us to move in the direction of the next beautiful stop on our journey.

The above is also referred to as “blessings in f***-up wrapping paper.”

3. As you work to love yourself, the situation shifts for the better

The Twin Flame Relationship works to a large extent by the mirror effect, with shifts occurring, often mutually through the Unified Field of the Unit.

Essentially what this means is that as you do your own inner work, the situation always moves into alignment and improves.

As you work on your own inner process and loving yourself, do you find your Twin reaching out to you, calling to work things out or even shifting themselves into more compassion, healing, and wholeness?

Or is there even more dead air and other craziness?

As we work on healing ourselves,  the relationship in question also shifts. Not always immediately, but things do begin to morph, as you shift your vibration and things “trickle down”into the physical.

During a time when we were separated, Sonja went within to explore why she was manifesting some of the dynamics she was, and really committed herself to developing her gifts and loving herself.

The more she sought to shift her own frequency and release deeply entangled belief systems, the more if created shifts in how we were vibrating this helped both to make new decisions, react differently, even when triggered, and brought us back in resonance with the Union’s Highest Expression.

If you have been working on yourself for the longest time and your Twin Flame and the situation is not budging one bit, or is still fraught with absence, or worse, more painful drama, reassess if it still feels joyful enough to pour your energy into right now.

You deserve joy and happiness!

Does it still feel that way?

Regardless of the answer, just know that it is your heart speaking to you.

In closing, we cannot stress enough that the purpose of the Twin Flame Relationship is to grow, transform, and heal. The romantic relationship aspect is secondary, and not always the end result for everyone, and sometimes it really doesn’t need to be. We just become attached to how things “should” unfold or be.

Sometimes releasing attachment and surrender to the Divine Plan can align us with the very thing that we have been hoping  for.

Does this mean if you are not experiencing these things are not true for your situation that you should throw in the towel?

Well, no. What we are saying if this is your situation, and you found this blog post (which was no accident) you might just want to ask for clarity, and be open to Truth, and not be afraid of that.

Remember, fear is an illusion.

We also have a teaching video, How Long Do I Wait for Twin Flame Reunion that provides even more nuggets of wisdom to help you to explore this issue a little deeper.

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Did you find this article useful? Please share and let us and other friends and soul family know!


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