Exploring the Top 11 Twin Flame Myths

What is right is not always popular, what is popular is not always right.”
Albert Einstein

Navigating through a Twin Flame Relationship is challenging enough in and of itself.

When you add the plethora of information out there on the web on the topic, it can often make things more confusing and frustrating. This is why I always recommend going within to find your truth, as there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to the situation.

And not only that, but since the Twin Flame Journey is an inside job anyway…why not just start there?

I’ve been studying this metaphysical relationship we call Twin Flames, and been on this journey, since 2002 when I was first guided to the subject matter.

Interestingly enough, there were only a handful of websites available about the topic back then. The overall message was quite simple without the extensive lists of signs, symptoms, labels, and doctrines that have become the backbone of these ideas nearly 20 years later in the form of popular Twin Flame teachings.

Most of these signs and doctrines never really resonated with me. They have been true of many relationships that I have had over the years that were not Twin Flame – in some cases, relationships that were a toxic mess.

And not only that, any time we enter into “doctrine territory”, we are talking about set beliefs that are characteristic of a religion or other school of thought with the purpose of creating conformity. Rigid conformity is the very antithesis of living Authentically. It undermines the entire purpose of the Spiritual Journey.

However, I understand that we all need answers and we may not be in the space of spiritual maturity, or even clarity, at a given time to determine what those are.

We may seek an outside source to fill in the gaps, or as we say in spiritual circles, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

All of this said, I have spent years coaching and helping others all over the globe heal their Twin Flame relationship and aspects of their reality through vibrational realignment and subconscious pattern deactivation.

I have heard countless stories of transformation and joy.


On the flip side of that, I have come across many unsettling situations of distress, depression, and despair, which I strongly believe are the direct result of stories about what this relationship is and what it involves.

Many of us have given our power away to beliefs we have stumbled across on the Internet that allegedly define what a Twin Flame relationship should or should not be or include. It is the root cause of most of our despair.

In this post, I would like to discuss the 11 primary myths about the Twin Flame Relationship that I commonly see, that are the cause of so much pain and anguish, that I think need re-examining.

And maybe “myth” is not necessarily the best term to use. More like disempowering beliefs, or consciousness traps that create expectations, limitations, disappointment, and disillusionment that ultimately can become setbacks, more so than facilitating progress.

These myths are beliefs based on many popular Twin Flame teachings. I have seen in my professional work that they have been at the root of being “stuck” or in emotional distress when the relationship with the Twin Flame takes a certain trajectory.

Before we jump into this list, I do want to add, as with all things, please take what is useful for you and what resonates and leave the rest.

We are all on a journey of growth evolution and understanding. While I may be onto “a” truth here, I do not claim to have “the” truth.

My intent is not to change your mind, but to give you something to reflect on, and hopefully expand your perspective to think outside of the box.

As you probably know, our reality is shaped by our beliefs, and those beliefs are created by consciously giving away our agreement that something is true for us.

And this is something that we can change at any time.

In fact, most people change what they believe many times over their lives. Change is a sign that we are growing and evolving.

Anything that is alive and growing changes.

And it just makes sense that if our beliefs are causing us pain and suffering…and in some cases even depression and suicidal thoughts, then it is time to reevaluate what we have given our power away to. Because no matter how you slice it, that’s just problematic, as I am sure you would agree. Especially being on a spiritual journey designed to expand us into greater joy and fulfillment.

These 11 “Myths” are common misconceptions about Twin Flames and the Relationship that I come across, and have even personally experienced, that have been the root of needless emotional turmoil.

And turmoil is NOT a Twin Flame trait, or even a spiritual trait, but rather a warning sign that something is amiss.

1. Everything is a Sacred Mirror

The basic idea behind the misuse of this concept:

Your Twin Flame is being abusive, distant, and mean, so there must be something within YOU that is abusive, distant and mean that you aren’t aware of that is being reflected back to you.

Your Twin Flame cuts you off one day, begins ghosting you, then reappears engaged to someone else and it is showing you something about YOU.

You get the idea. Your Twin Flame is doing or saying something truly eff-ed up, and it’s always a reflection of something within you.

Sadly, I’ve seen so many wonderful luminous souls racking their brain, looking themselves over with a magnifying glass, in an attempt to determine what THEY are doing that is showing up as the non-coherent behavior in another.

And while the Sacred Mirror is a valid dynamic that happens with many people in your life, not just your Twin Flame (though they provide it the most powerfully), there is a misuse of this concept that borders on spiritual gaslighting where truly reprehensible and hurtful behavior is spun around and made YOUR fault.

The truth of it is, for many of us, especially those who struggle with co-dependency or grew up in abusive and/or dysfunctional households, this is often a continuation of the programmed belief that you are responsible for other people’s negative behavior.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the negativity and baggage that the other party is carrying that THEY need to clear and do something about.

We tend to forget that our Twin Flame is an individual with his or her own sets of baggage, karmic, ancestral, and inner child issues.

If they are not doing any inner work or making any attempts to face their shadow, chances are they are going to have worthiness, commitment, intimacy, and communication issues that account for their behavior.

However, these are THEIR issues, and not yours. The only thing that you are responsible for is how you choose to respond to it.

I have seen many cases where the entire relationship was “stuck” and in suspended animation, because the one party was stuck and unwilling to change. The other party was in alignment, yet the one who was in alignment was blaming themselves, thinking they had done something to create this.

If you have and are doing intensive inner work and healing of your Inner Child and integrating your shadow and you STILL find things remaining the same, or getting worse, it could very well be that it is not “you with the problem”, other than perhaps exploring why it is that you feel the entire relationship’s success is on your shoulders.

2. The Twin Flame Relationship HAS to be romantic

There are 3 primary manifestations or “flavors” of love on our planet:

Eros, which is the romantic or erotic manifestation of Love.

Phileo, which is friendship love.

Agape, which is Unconditional Love.

And while typically the Eros love is the lens through which we view our  Twin Flame relationship with, there are 2 other shades of love that we often overlook. Especially the 3rd which is the one that this Journey is designed to build and amplify within us more so than any of the others.

The Twin Flame relationship activates all three shades of love, with the necessity to vibrate with different aspects of the Love spectrum at a given time.

The problem arises when we attempt to approach this relationship from the same point of reference and understanding that we have from our old 3D relationships, when this is something entirely different.

The Twin Flame relationship is a metaphysical relationship that is intended to heal, awaken, and activate both parties into Higher States of Agape/Unconditional Love, above all other things.

It is not about trying to “get back together” to have a white picket fence experience (though that can be included and often is). But rather, it is about being instruments to assist each other organically into higher states of Love and Consciousness.

The white picket fence scenario is secondary, and really, just the icing on the cake.

Problems arise when we lock into tunnel vision on the Eros love the only possibility for the situation.

If I had a dime for every time I talked to someone who was devastated because their Twin Flame just wanted to be friends, or wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship, and as a result they were super quick to want to discard the entire relationship because it wasn’t taking the form that they are attached to as being the ideal.

But on the other hand, it was completely going over their head that the Twin still wanted to be in their lives, still wanted to talk, still wanted to see them.

Attachment to form (or any kind of attachment, really) can be our undoing.

Any powerful relationship can and will stand the test of time, and will remain standing, even through adjustments in the relationship’s form.

Sometimes these modifications are necessary.

For example, what if a green light was given to be together in Eros love / romantic relationship, and one or both parties still had blocks to clear or lessons to learn? Being together in that way could hurt, and not help the situation.

Sometimes what we perceive as rejection is actually the Divine working things out in our favor, and it then becomes a trust issue:

Are we willing to trust the Divine Plan for this situation, or are we going to push for a certain form, when that may not be in both parties’ highest good?

I have found that there is a belief system in the collective that seems to frown upon the idea that Phileo and Eros love can co-exist, or that they should be mutually exclusive.

But if you ask many couples who have been together for 50-60 years, you will find that they actually like each other, and have a foundation in friendship where they actually enjoy one another’s companionship and conversation.

If your Twin Flame relationship needs to change forms, or even backpedal, it doesn’t mean “throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

It simply means that it’s time to take your bucket and draw from one of the other streams of love available to you.

At the end of the day, being the Love and growing in Love is truly what its all about. The most powerful relationships have the full spectrum of Eros, Phileo, and Agape operating at all times and can jump in and out of any or all of them, as the situation and needs of both parties require.

3. You Cannot Fulfill Your Mission Without Your Twin Flame

Over the years, I have worked with and spoken to many people who were in tears because they believed they would forfeit their mission after their Twin Flame had rejected them and married or took up with someone else, or otherwise didn’t seem to be returning to their lives.

I think this stems from misunderstanding about what Twin Flame Mission truly involves.

When people think Twin Flame Mission, the common connotation is that they will get together and somehow impact millions of people – perhaps even a healing ministry like you see with many YouTube Twins in Union, or somehow impact the planet in some large scale operation of some sort.

What I have found from my experience is that Mission often doesn’t involve spiritual service at all, and certainly doesn’t always involve impacting the world in some of the grandiose ways that we believe.

Twin Flames come together for a myriad of reasons, and at the heart of it all is to heal the separation between Masculine and Feminine within the Self, and between each other and return to Love.

The heart of the Mission is to heal Separation Consciousness, for as we do this within the Self, it assists in breaking down the thought form within the collective.

It doesn’t take a YouTube Channel of 50,000 subscribers to accomplish this.

For many, this occurs within the dynamics of the unfolding situation.

For example, when Twin Flames of different ethnicities that have historically had division and conflict come together, it helps to heal collective separation that have manifested through the mechanics of racism.

Or when Twin Flames walk into the movie theater together to watch a movie and generate Love and Light, that shifts the entire vibration of those around them, people who would otherwise never connect to this healing light.

These are all in essence, aspects of mission. Sometimes “less is more”, but is not any more or less important than someone who has a more formal message or healing to share with a wider audience.

Not only that, but let’s say for sake of argument you truly believed that you and your Twin Flame did have something more urgent and larger scale to share with the planet, and because of the reality of the situation, you don’t see that happening, and you fear your mission is aborted.

The truth is, there are infinite timelines of reality to choose from, and just because one timeline is not open to you, or even possible anymore, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one that is just as joyful and fulfilling.

God’s Plan B is always just as good as Plan A, that’s simply the nature of Divine Love.

It is our own limited consciousness and thinking that would believe we cannot be who we are here to be, without another person involved. The truth is, on a free will planet with infinite timelines, nothing is ever etched in stone.

4. “Union” = Happy Ever After (or Else It’s a False Twin)

Many people have this misconception that separation is a phase that Twin Flames go through. Then, once this phase is over, there is some grand “Union” in which both parties are magically healed and everything from here on out will be roses and tea cakes.

I have personally met people in separation for years, still waiting for this magical event to happen, letting their lives slip by while they await the inevitable return of the Twin Flame, even though it would appear that the Twin Flame has gone on with their lives.

And while I have certainly seen many a Twin Flame return against incredible odds and/or the situation improving to various degrees, there is nothing magical about Union that we should perceive it as an event that is imminent that will guarantee a fairy tale ending.

Union truly is simply both parties having been able to clear obstacles to Love and various blocks to the degree that they can return to the relationship minus whatever the issues were that kept them estranged to begin with.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your problems are now over.

Don’t forget that you and your Twin Flame probably have different personalities, interests, beliefs about the world, perspectives, and have your own sets of baggage from this and other lifetimes.

None of that disappears because you are back together.

Harmonization, which is the process of embodying the level of compassion, tolerance, and non-judgement around these differences without becoming triggered is an ongoing process, and sometimes can create additional times of separation.

The Twin Flame Union is not an “event”, but rather an ongoing process of continuous growth, healing, evolution, and integrating of shadow.

This doesn’t end just because you are back together and in each other’s lives, and neither does being back in each other’s lives instantly mean that all of these magical benefits will activate, and you will never have any problems ever again.

As with any relationship, it is dependent upon how both parties work through those challenges, communication, and ability to self reflect and be self aware and self correcting that determines the level of joy you are able to attain at a given time, and unless both parties are consciously looking to master those skills, there will still be bumps in the road.

5. There are Distinct Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

We have all seen the charts and infographics:

  1. You meet and there’s a so called “bubble phase”, which is very intense and feels like heaven on earth.
  2. After the bubble phase ends, there is a time of conflict as ego and other negative patterns arise, or one party is so afraid of the intensity of the relationship, they run, and the other party chases.
  3. After a period of separation, there is a time of reunion, at which time both parties are magically ready to create Heaven on Earth and move into mission.

Sometimes there are more phases sandwiched in, and sometimes there are less, but they usually all include varying degrees of these stages.

What I have actually found to be the case for myself and countless others, is that many times none of these stages exist at all.

Or they can exist in relationships that are not necessarily Twin Flames.

For example, all romantic relationships have a “bubble phase” where you are high on oxytocin and other bonding hormones, which is why the early days of a relationship feel so wonderful.

At this point, both parties are showing their very best sides, and still know one another somewhat superficially, and it truly feels magical.

Once this phase wears off (as it always will eventually) there comes the shock of seeing one another as they truly are (without the rose colored glasses of new love), and the hard work of needing to be patient, communicate effectively, compassion, and tolerance of differences of opinion, values, personality, and preferences.

Unfortunately, for many, this is “too much work” and when we mistake the bliss phase of the relationship as the end all be all, once this “bubble phases” wears off, they often don’t “feel like they are in love anymore.” and want to leave the scene for the next “hit” of that love high. For commitment-phobes, when it gets to this point where true intimacy and “being seen” is needed to anchor the relationship, this is where they run to the nearest exit.

This is true for most romantic relationships, Twin Flame or not, and would appear to be “running”, and it is, but not as it is explained in common Twin Flame circles.

I have had many relationships where the other party did not want to be involved for whatever reason, and I was still trying to force it, which technically is running and chasing.

But it is not exclusive to Twin Flames, and doesn’t necessarily prove one is a Twin Flame, and, I feel, should not be a measuring stick to determine this is what you are dealing with.

I have known many Twin Flame couples in Union who had none of these stages and signs at all.

I have known many Twin Flames in Union who have separated multiple times for various reasons with absolutely no running and chasing, but mutual understanding that this is for the best.

I, myself, have had telepathic connections with people who were not my Twin Flame. As a matter of fact, because of the collective shift due to ascension related energies, people in general are much more telepathic and prone to brainwave entrainment than previously.

On the other hand, I have met many who have had all of the signs but were actually in a toxic relationship, which tend to be riddled with on and off dynamics that have all the feel of running and chasing.

As I said before, there is no one size fits all approach to this situation, and there is no Twin Flame Rulebook.

This is not a recipe with various ingredients that you have to add if you want to “make a Twin Flame Situation”.

Not only that, but, as I said previously, we create reality through our beliefs. If we believe we must endure a certain format with our Twin Flame, then this is what we will set up for ourselves.

6. Seeing Angel Numbers Always Means Something About Your Twin Flame

I do feel, for whatever its worth, that there is way too much emphasis on angel numbers as having a huge significance with the unfolding of your Twin Flame Union, and as a result, I have come across many who are obsessively attempting to make sense of them, or create a story around them that many or may not be so, to the point where they are driving themselves crazy.

Master numbers contain codes for ascension, and have different meanings at different times, which our Higher Selves understand completely and fully, even if we consciously do not.

I have seen these sequences regularly long before my Twin Flame even came into the picture, I see them with my Twin Flame, even though we are in Union.

I used to see them all of the time in a “false twin flame” experience nearly a decade ago, and at the time used the popular (there’s that word again) meanings for these numbers, and was very confused about what I was seeing versus what was happening.

There is an aspect of us in our human experience that always needs to know what something means, or to project meaning upon something, so that we can know what it is and what to do with it.

I can relate, as I once was this way.

However, I have met Twin Flames who have seen these numbers all over the place, which seem to herald Union is near or things are changing, only for the situation to not budge one bit year after year after year. I know several Twin Flames in Union who do not see these numbers at all.

In my personal opinion, I feel that the wisest thing to do is just surrender by acknowledging the number and it’s reason for appearing to us at a given time, and just leave it there without reading to much into it, because I do feel our Higher Selves know exactly what these numbers are for, and what they are activating for us.

Sometimes, its just ok not to know, and if its too crazymaking for us, we might just be out of alignment, in which case, it’s probably best to just withdraw our energy from it.

7. You Should Play the Waiting Game Until Your Twin Flame Returns

How long do you wait until the Twin Flame returns to your life is the magic question.

Weeks, months, years?

Over the years I have come across indivduals I have met those who have put their romantic lives and dreams on hold for 3-4 years (or more) waiting for a Twin Flame (who seemed to want nothing to do with them at all anymore) to return, all the while saddened over being single and without companionship.

I have met others still who’s alleged Twin Flame was treating them not much more than a booty call, and not responding to any requests to take the relationship to the next level, yet they remain in the situation hoping things will turn around and Number 4 will kick in at some point.

But strangely it never happens.

Remember YOU growing in Self Love and Wholeness is the point of this journey, and the highest act of Self Love is to allow yourself what you truly want.

At this point it becomes a matter of defining what it is you want for yourself in a romantic relationship, and if you find you are not receiving that with your Twin Flame, then knowing you deserve to have exactly what you want.

Loving yourself is not having an “imaginary relationship” with someone who is not even physically present, and shows no interest or desire in even actually being together.

This is technically called settling.

Your Twin Flame is your Twin Flame and will always be, but if they are using their free will to choose another reality for themselves, or are unable to attain or maintain the vibratory state to manifest the Union, you are under no obligation to sit in a cosmic waiting room flipping through a magazine waiting for this to happen while your life passes you by.

I had what you might call a false twin flame experience in which the person in question left my life by moving to another state after a casual friendship of about 2 years.

I pined away for this person for nearly 3 years, refusing romantic advances from some wonderful men because I was “waiting for my twin flame”, who never returned my texts, calls or emails.

Looking back, I see what the Universe was trying to do, which was bring me what I truly wanted…someone who was truly there, but I pushed it away every time, because it was safer for me to hide behind a situation I knew on some level was destined to fail because deep down I still didn’t feel worthy of being loved.

And if this is you, I challenge you to be super honest with yourself to explore whether you might be using the Twin Flame label as a hiding place, because part of you feels safe in a situation where you are not seen, where you are unimportant, and where you are treated like an afterthought, because from what I have seen and experienced, the Twin Flame label can serve as a place to hide from real authentic and intimate love relationships, if we are not mindful.

And we must always be honest with ourselves, as there is sometimes a very fine line between having faith and being a fool.

Hope is always a positive and powerful thing, but it can also become a dangling carrot taking us no where.

At some point, we have to stop and ask ourselves, do we actually want the carrot?

Is this person offering me the carrot?

If not, we have choices to make. We always have a choice. Remember, timelines are infinite.

8. Twin Flame Teachers/Healers/Psychics Can Tell You Who Your Twin Flame Is

Being a spiritual and metaphysical relationship, the Twin Flame’s appearance in your life is becomes an unfolding of Sacred Discovery.

It is something you know in your heart, and even if you don’t, if you are open to the Truth, it is something that will be revealed and you move forward with the process.

No one can tell you what YOUR truth is. Point blank.

If you come across someone who claims they can confirm or deny the nature of the connection, I cannot encourage you enough to think twice about proceeding with them.

And honestly, I do feel whether someone is your Twin Flame or not is really unimportant because every relationship provides lessons, growth, and opportunities to heal and expand.

Sometimes attachment to the label places us in the morphic field of many of the popular myths that end up becoming more of our undoing and doing more harm than good.

9. Shifting Your Energy Through Energy Healing Automatically Shifts Your Twin Flame.

Yes, and no.

While there are many core wounds that Twin Flames share that shift when you hold space on their behalf, the primary reason why many people see transformation in their Twin Flame experience is because of the change in ones personal frequency and consciousness.

For example, if you’re struggling with feeling worth of receiving love? Once you clear that, your virtual reality also shifts, including how your Twin Flame treats you because you are no longer sending out the broadcast of unworthiness.

In this instance, while it would appear that they have shifted in some way, the truth of it is, YOU are the one who has truly shifted and your outer reality is now reflecting that.

This is why at the end of the day, it all boils down to YOUR healing journey and process as being of utmost importance.

However, there are imprints that your Twin Flame has come into this lifetime with, has taken on from his/her own childhood experiences, and ancestry that are completely separate from your shared core wounds that will not budge unless and until they are ready to release them.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our Twin Flame can still be veiled in many ways, and may have rejection and wounds that are so great they are not ready, willing or able to face them right now.

In fact, this is the primary reason for Twin Flame relationships to fail to flourish. There is a level of consciousness and frequency necessary to manifest the Highest Expression of the Union, and for many, they simply are not ready to “go there”.

For others still there are lessons needing mastery and learning that they are at various stages of “catching on” and nailing.

There is not much you can do to speed up this process, though holding space, prayer, and connecting to their Higher Self and angelic teams to support them certainly helps.

And this is where Unconditional Love becomes paramount.

10. Unconditional Love = Put Up With Anything Because This is Your Twin Flame

The meaning of Unconditional Love in a nutshell is to always hold/hope/wish the very best for another without judgement. It means we always hold the highest space for another, regardless of their choices, and actions.

It does not mean that we have to put up with demeaning, disrespectful, and abusive behavior, and there is a lot of beliefs out there that we should…just because the other party is our Twin Flame.

There is a fine line between being loving and forgiving and being a doormat.

In fact, allowing anything and everything is a sign that we are WAY too in our feminine aspect, and not activating enough masculine (The masculine sets boundaries and asserts itself). Allowing anything and everything sets you up to be taken advantage of, taken for granted, disrespected and used.

It is also a sign that we may have self worth issues masquerading as Unconditional Love, and have learned, perhaps even from childhood that being mistreated is somehow normal.

In Christian circles, there is a saying, “Love the sinner, hate the sin“.

In a similar way, as it pertains to Unconditional Love, we can Love our Twin Flame, but we do not have to put up with everything that they do. In fact, when we do not respect ourselves, it sets up the template for how others treat us, and it is very difficult to take someone seriously who has no self-respect.

If your Twin Flame emotionally abuses you, plays mind games, flaunts other women/men in your face, disappears for months on end then magically appears with no explanation wanting to “hook up”, only contacts you when they want something, is married and strings you along with no concrete plans to leave his/her spouse or be with you, blocks and ghosts you for absolutely no reason, there comes a time when you have to look at what they are offering you and how acceptable is it, really in light of your desires for partnership?

Are crumbs of love and respect, better than none at all, because this is your Twin Flame?

At this point, exploration of why you allow this and what the pay off is for you can yield very important insights.

11. Your Divine Counterpart Must Be “Awakened” For You To Come Into Union

Overall, I find this misconception to be “moving the goal posts”, presenting another reason why things “can’t work out right now”.

Your Twin Flame does not have to believe in ascension, ascended masters, or any of your spiritual beliefs in order for there to be Union and Harmony. I wrote another blog post nn this sometime ago, addressing the entire matter of the “unawakened masculine” in particular.

Many Twin Flames who are together in what you might refer to as “Union” have completely different spiritual beliefs, and this all goes back to what I was saying about the process of Harmonization which requires tolerance of each other’s differences.

In the earlier days of my research on Twin Flames at the turn of the 21st Century, the overall message that was being taught at the time is that it takes two individuals saying “yes” to Love and to one another.

And at the end of the day, that’s really it.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t necessarily need to have a kundalini awakening, or an experience with the Archangels for this to happen.

I personally feel much of this talk about the “unawakened masculine” or the “matrix male” perpetuates separation consciousness by creating the illusion that you are somehow better because of your own Spiritual Path, and the other party needs to get on board or there is no possibility that this will work.

Or just because there is no spirituality that you can perceive as readily as your own, that there is no spiritual life!

On the contrary, I have found that the only things needed in the other party is the ability to live from their truth, and a heart opened to Love. From my experience, when Twin Flames are on the exact same page spiritually, it is usually because their mission involves energy healing, teaching, or some other spiritual service together. Otherwise, the other party awakens in their own time, in their own way.

But we should never hold them at arms length because they do not share our spiritual beliefs, neither should we appoint ourselves as the one responsible for making this happen. If anything, it will happen organically.

When we have the condition that our Twin Flame must be awakened as a prerequisite, it is just that, a condition, and conditional love within the Twin Flame dynamic can and does shut down the miraculous Plan of the Divine for the situation.

In closing, we can tell a lot about beliefs to hold on to and those to release by simply examining what we believe and how it is working for us. As I said before, this requires a lot of self reflection, and the willingness to be brutally honest with ourselves.

I feel this is a very important thing to do within the Twin Flame collective, where so much illusion is running rampant, creating many states of despair and disillusionment when the spiritual path is supposed to create joy, wisdom, and empowerment.

And, as I said, the point here is not to change your mind about what you believe to be true about the Twin Flame Journey, but at the very least, I hope you will consider what I have shared.

At the end of the day, all of your answers are inside you, so please go within to determine whether your beliefs are helping or hurting.

I hope space that what you discover there will open the doors to the miraculous!

Infinite Blessings,



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