The Unrealized Power of Joy!

I have been an avid fan of the Harry Potter book and movie series ever since I took my daughter Destiny to see the the Sorcerer’s Stone way back when.

Oh, what a delighted child I would have been if these books and movies had been around when I was growing up!

One scene that has always stood out in my mind was in the third installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, when Harry’s class went up against the Boggart in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class.

The Boggart was a creature that would emerge from the wardrobe, taking on the form of whatever the children feared most.┬áIn order to defeat it, they had to shout the magic word, “Riddikulus,” and the Boggart would shape-shift into something humorous, minimizing its power and dispelling their fear.

And this is not so far removed from the power of Joy in our daily lives to transform fear and darker, denser energies, and to redesign the landscape of our lives, even in the bleakest of moments.

The dictionary definition of Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Its synonyms include jubilation, glee, bliss, triumph, and elation.

It is the very essence of the 10 of Cups card in the minor arcana.

Though we tend to talk about Twin Flames and Sacred Partnership a lot around here, if you take a look at the 10 of Cups, it exudes the energy of fulfillment, joy, and bliss, that is not necessarily because of a relationship.

Take in the feeling of absolute rapture these people in this card must be feeling.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that way as a permanent way of being?

And the truth is, you can!

The problem is, we often place conditions on Joy, much like we do with love, in that we postpone joy and happiness until something shifts, changes or happens to make us feel joyful.

How many times have you thought or felt something to the tune of:

When I ___________________(manifest that dream job, discover my life purpose, move back into Union, or fill in the blanks with your own) then I will be happy.”

When we approach life from the above mindset, we have it all backwards because we are making joy a “someday experience” that will only show up if and when certain things happen (but what happens when/if they don’t?).

If all power is in the “now” moment, then what can be said of joy that will be ours at a future time?

We are also not only giving our power away to our life circumstances, people, and other dynamics outside of ourselves, but we are actually repelling the very things that we want to create in our lives,

And this is because of the Laws of Attraction and Resonance which state, in a nutshell, that like attracts like, and the energy broadcast that you are sending out, draws to you a vibrational match.

So in other words, if someone is depressed, miserable, and constantly complaining about how horrible things are, and wants to experience Abundant Living, Loving, and Being, then there is no energetic signal that they are sending out to the Universe and to their virtual reality that is in harmonic resonance with Joy.

If your own energetic antennae is not tuned into the Abundant Living, Loving, and Being Channel but is instead tuned into the “Geez, This Sucks” Station, then this is the only radio station that you will be able to hear.

Image result for radio antenna

This is why some of the most negative people who gripe and complain the most, always seem to have plenty to gripe and complain about, if you have noticed.

The Universe has no bias and will simply keep serving up what you put out there, which is why shifting your frequency, or the broadcast you send out is crucial.

5D consciousness requires for us to attain and maintain an certain vibrational state first, and then that which is a match is drawn to us. So if we are in a state of joy right NOW, completely independent of what is going on around us, we automatically draw more to be joyful about.

In fact, if you have been following 10 of Cups for any length of time, you may have heard me share about the many miracles I have experienced in my life, even money appearing seemingly out of nowhere, and the one thing that these experiences share in common is that they all happened when I was in crappy life circumstances, but was personally in a space of joy and playfulness.

Joy is the gateway to magic and miracles!

And that is not the only benefit that being in joy bestows upon us.

Being in a state of joy that is not dependent on what is or is not happening in our lives, renders us immune to denser and darker energies, much like our friends at Hogwarts referenced earlier.

Sometimes it is the only psychic protection you need!

When I was a child, I was pretty silly (and actually still am as anyone who knows me well can attest).

But growing up in the inner city as a highly sensitive child, I was also occasionally the target of tough, angry kids who seemed to want to kick my ass for no real reason I could ever identify.

But one of my strongest tactics to get out of it was to say something funny to make the other party laugh. It worked like a charm every time.

Joy transmutes anger, fear, and denser emotional energies. Being able to laugh at myself and others and life, creating a gateway that steps down Joy into the situation, has been my saving grace many times over throughout my life.

Have you ever been down in the dumps, only to throw on a funny movie or call a comical friend, or engage in some playful activity that makes you happy, only to find yourself feeling MUCH better?

Beautiful Girl In The Park Throwing Leaves

This is because the frequency of joy has the power to dispel denser emotional energy, and shift you out of that frequency band.

I recall back in my “churchy” days, we would sing a song called “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength.” I never gave much thought to the song, as I was kind of going through the motions at the time, but looking back from a space of spiritual maturity, I clearly see that there truly is a strength that comes from Joy that grants us endurance, perseverance, and even triumph.

After all, there is a reason that Joy is synonymous with triumph, which in turn is synonymous with victory!

And we can have the victory in our lives, whether is it over a financial hardship, family crisis, messy romantic separation, entanglement with a narcissist, or a Boggart!

Joy is like the armor we can put on, creating a force field around us, where fear, pain, depression, and despair can slide right off before taking root, just like water off a duck’s back.

But, Sonja, you might be saying. How can I possibly feel joyful? Do you know what has happened to me? Do you have any idea what I am going through?

I get it, I have been there. Maybe several times.

The good news is, joy is an energy (just like everything) and we can choose to connect to and embody that frequency at any time. We are powerful co-creators of our reality, and ultimately, we have the power to decide what “channel” we are going to tune into at any given time, much like we decide what we are going to watch on TV.

For some, it is a matter of being made perfect in Love, and by this I mean having a level of trust that we are loved and everything, even our challenges and tragedies, are working out for our Highest Good, which is a fact. Always.

Joy is a divine attribute that is much like a magic wand in clearing negativity, and drawing in joyful experiences. If we move into it’s frequency band, we become unstoppable, bouncing back effortlessly from whatever life throws our way.

It is the frequency that ushers in miracles, and one of the cornerstone energies of 5D living.

And the most wonderful thing is, nothing in our lives has to be any different for us to be in Joy.

But everything in our lives will become different because of it.’

So the next time you are faced with fearful, negative news, people and/or circumstances, try looking right at it and shouting “Riddikulus!”

It may not shape-shift into something else, but it will certainly shift your energy into a space of joy and play.

And if it does shape-shift, that’s even better!

Infinite Bliss-ings!

P.S If you are having a difficult time connecting to Joy, or your current life situation has “taken” your joy, or you would simply like to experience more joy as a new energetic setting, I invite you to check out the Activating Joy with Archangel Haniel audio activation to open channels for you to experience 10 of Cups as a lifestyle!


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