The I AM Series: I AM The Love That I AM Looking For



So many of us are looking for Love outside of ourselves, and for a sense of validation and worth in our relationships, our status, or jobs, our looks.

And we never quite find what we are looking for, primarily because our outer world is a reflection of our Inner World.


If we do not Love and Honor and Accept ourselves, we will continuously attract people and situations that do not either through harmonic resonance, or like attracts like.


For many, this is the one of the primary reasons your Twin Flame has rejected you, as they are mirroring to you your own deep rooted self rejection

wood heart


All Love begins with Self Love.

Our ability to love and accept ourselves affects so many other areas of our lives, including the amount of money that we can allow, the types of people we draw into our lives, and whether or not we can receive the blessings from the Divine.

Many of us received messages in childhood that we were unloveable, flawed, or damaged goods in some way, and part of us took that in as truth, and ran it on autopilot as a never ending loop of dissatisfaction, and never feeling worthy.

I AM The Love The I AM Looking For is a powerful clearing that removes the programs installed, and helps to reconnect you to your perfect Divine Self, activating new self love, worth and acceptance. It makes a great companion audio to I AM Beautiful, and also the Self Love and Self Worth Installment Language of Light Activation.

I AM The Love That I Am Looking For

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