The I AM Series: I AM Beautiful


So often , particularly women,  so harsh and judgemental of ourselves.

We hate our bodies: our breasts are too small, or too big.

Our noses are to crooked.

We’re too fat. Or too thin.


It  doesn’t help that there are thousands of collective morphic fields that dictate to us through popular culture, how unacceptable we truly are unless we look like a supermodel.


The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that sustains itself by convincing you that you are not acceptable unless you purchase their products, and look the way they dictate.

For others, we were teased and bullied as children for physical traits and characteristics we could do nothing about, or maybe even humiliated by our own parents and caregivers and we wear the scar that we are somehow ugly and flawed.


A part of us believed “them” and it overshadows everything we do.

For us in Twin Flame Union, it is not uncommon for us to subconsciously create another woman/man in our Union, to compare ourselves to (“He/she looks better,is prettier, thinner, younger…etc“) as an overflow of our programming, so we can have a measure to compare ourselves to and affirm our rejection by.


Since self love is crucial in our Journey, it is necessary to Love all of ourselves, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and to accept all of us without judgement and without condition.

We must get the voices of the past and the collective out of our psyches, so that we can move forward seeing ourselves through gentle eyes of Divinity and Light.

I AM Beautiful is an activation and clearing that purges the imprinting of childhood bullying and name calling, disconnects you energetically from harmful collective morphic fields, and frees you from self judgement.

It opens up new pathways to connect you to your True Divine Beauty and Self Love.

It also features a powerful download of Beauty from the Planet Venus, planet of Love, Art and Beauty.


It makes a beautiful companion healing to I AM The Love That I AM Looking For.

I AM : Beautiful

$22.22 USD