Twin Flames are reuniting, runners returning, people experiencing incredible shifts, miracles are occuring, and clearings from emotional and energetic patterns that have plagued them for decades…or in some cases lifetimes are disappearing with grace and ease!!

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If you have experienced and shifts and miracles through participating in my free You Tube videos, appearances, webinars, audios, or working with me one on one, I appreciate and value your feedback, and hearing about (and sharing!!) what the Divine is doing in you and in your Divine Union and life in general!

Be sure to drop me a line at sonja@10ofcupsministries.org and tell me all about it!!

**This one is my favorite from a subscriber who reached out to me in confusion and uncertainty within her TF relationship, who wrote back engaged to her TF!

**”I’m also writing to share some exciting news .  J. proposed on my birthday!! A twin flame birthday and marriage proposal all on 9/9–how perfect is that?!… Gratitude overwhelms me as j think back just a few weeks ago at the reassuring email you sent me, and the amazing I AM That I AM audio you recommended.  You said I was right when I felt big happenings were around the corner, and you gave me indescribable peace of mind when you told me Spirit communicated it was time for me to trust in the behind the scenes work and trust all thing would become clear in due time.  I truly feel like this engagement is only the tip of the iceberg, as far as the big happenings finally happening goes, and I am beyond excited to see what’s in store for us as we write a true twin flame love story together ” E.Bender

I just wanted to say how inspirational you are. 
I did the meditations of protection for myself & my twin & literally the next day he contacted me.” -Anne

 “But I seriously wonder how I would have made it through the last 2 months with out your assistance. My “twin/divine” masculine really was a challenge for me…  Yet something told me that you were right, I needed to face my worst fears about rejection & loss…and come out the other side. It was not easy, but after a lot of intense purging and many cathartic tears of sorrow…I just felt a quiet inner knowing about what I felt inside being valid. I have been doing the sacred marriage meditation almost every day & I feel it is really helping with that.  So here is the surprise…right after the full moon, during which I was getting lots of energy from him, & hearing him say he was coming back in my mind…he started to connect with me again via Facebook . I am very excited and happy about us being in communication … Thank you sooooo much for all of your help Sonja. You are a real blessing to people like me who are in over our heads in love ” M. O’Rourke

I hadn’t heard from my TF since April. I listened in to this video and you asked for spirit to give us a sign before Labor Day. Imagine my shock and delight that this morning, my TF called me! Yes, random and out of the blue! …. I have never given up hope all this time. Ever. I just kept believing it was happening. I can’t help but see that your manifestation was instrumental in him calling me. Prior to today, we’ve not talked for 4 long months. Thank you so much for the light & love you were able to shine on my TF relationship” -Lisa

I would like to extend my love & gratitude to you & for YOU! As you have helped me immensely with your guidance & activations. Since following your work, I am finding that I am feeling like a weight is lifting off my shoulders & I am feeling more and more aligned…. I can truly say that you have changed my life”  J Draham

“A few weeks ago I let you know that I saw my twin. But now, I wanted to share I had another wish for the Cauldron of Manifestation. I wished for some money because students need money…I literally got handed a legal internship on Thursday that PAYS. THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN LAW SCHOOL. But it did.  I’m excited to see what kind of experiences it will bring me and what new knowledge I will acquire. So, thank you so much for bringing that powerful exercise into my life!” S. Hanamura

“Since finding your channel, using your audios, and working one on one with you, I have seen huge shifts in my Union and my own personal power! Thank you so much Sonja! My beloved and I are beginning to come back together, and the powerful clearings and alignments we have received through your work are a huge piece of our love puzzle. 🙂 Thank you for being brave enough to step forward on your mission. I am so grateful for your presence on my path!” – Amber

“Just to let you know that I followed the zero point sexual activation again this morning and found it way more powerful than when I first experienced it a few days ago.  I was shaking and shuddering as the energy shifts/cleared and felt quite tired this afternoon.” – Kenna

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank “10 of cups ministries” for their wonderful healing audio, 3 weeks ago i was caught  in the runner chaser faze of my journey… i bought Clearing the Fear of Abandonment and Fear of Commitment Program, and listened to it that night, it totally wiped me out i had to go to bed at 4pm that night. But it has worked i no longer feel the aching self pitying  longing for love i feel so balanced, i can’t believe how well its worked I’ve been trying so hard for so long to reach this place, i wish i had found you sooner, thank you so much 10 of cups ministries, you have a return customer and thank you thank you thank you for keeping it so affordable.” – Lizzy

“19.90 what i spent on Your Body/Soul Split audio is the best money spent for me ever. I have done that healing two evenings in a row now + yesterday morning + Clearing Conditional Love healing last night after it. On both mornings i woke up with strong tingling sensation below my feet. Each time i listened the audio i felt power coming back to me. Yesterday i had a great day – really being inside myself. At home inside my skin. Strong. And calm. And secure. And that feeling is growing.” – Eveliine

“That healing last night was SO amazing. I woke up at peace and very centered this morning. Even though the sound was not optimum it has worked miracles.” – Muriel

“I absolutely believe I found you through divine appointment because I am contacting you all the way from India. Your YouTube videos resonate with a lot of what I am going through. ” – Mekhla

“Thanks for replying to me so soon. You have a really nice energy that I felt through your videos and even through email… I really appreciate your response and the warm energy !” – Shay

“Thank you very much for your prompt response and the audio. I felt a huge shift in my awareness and as promised it brought me to a state of balance!” – Jana

“I did the healing Meditation with Archangel Michael which I have been doing every day for the last seven or eight days… Everything was given to me within… I love your meditations and I will continue to do them. Thank you” – Lori

“Thank you so much for the healing moon call. It was so powerful. I felt a major positive shift already! ” – Samaria

Thank you and so much gratitude being sent your way.  I feel so much more balanced!  I was also moved to tears when I felt so much love when the infinity was wrapped around my twin and I.  Pure bliss. Blessings,” – Kelly

“I feel at peace and just  focusing on myself and my individual soul purpose while surrendering to Divine timing to happen for my union with my twin.” – Bich

“I’ve watched  your YouTube-videos for some time now and they resonate me very much. First of all, I wanna thank you for making them- they have given so much to me! Especially that “Holding the higher love activation” – it was awesome!” – Takis

“Thank you,that was awesome! The clearings were on spot for me… You are an angel, thank you for all you are doing. I have been waiting so long to fully unlock my gifts, remember and have the strength to be who I am without fear. And also thank you for offering the twin clearings at a reduced price, I hope to get a few soon, as I also have a twin!” – Gorgon

“Thank you so much for the reading. It absolutely resonates with me.” – Nancy

“I just wanted to say that I am very glad I found you!!  I just did your Unconditional Love Healing and it was very powerful!!” – Laurie 

“Just played the recording and found the first segment the most powerful – it moved me to laughter and then tears…more tears throughout and afterwards…just what I needed, clearly… So much gratitude for your encouragement and inspiration dear Sister!” – Kenna

“Hi Sonja, I enjoyed your webinar. As you talked about lineage and ancestors I got full body chills.” – Mary

Thank you for sending your book.  I am so looking forward to reading it. Thank you for speaking with me and sharing with me, you are truly a blessing. The emotional release WORKED-and some of your other videos that i have watched!!!” – Zakkiyyah

“Hey Sonja. I resonated with you when you spoke about your family lineage…OMG! The same thing in my family that I have purged out and thru. amazing amazing the synchronicities.” – Sharon

“Thank you for pouring your heart and love into writing STAND. I am looking forward to really sitting with it and reading it with the purpose of healing.” – Anita

“I must say, ever since I spoke with you yesterday, everything in regards to consciousness has shifted!!! There has been a major energy shift that took place on yesterday that supports twins and I can feel it!! It is like, all of sudden I started getting hits and flashes to my intuition about my union and that he is coming back and really soon!!! I have a whole new attitude!! Joyful, grateful, happy, over the moon!!” – Ina

“Thank you so so much dear … Your blessings and love means a lot to me .. We badly need it… Thanks lot for your care and concern .. Sending you lots of love from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.” – Sejal

“I have been watching your videos for the past few days & am very impressed with your work (as well as your style!). I subscribed to your 10 of cups ministries. I also entered the drawing.” – Lisa

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the enlightening videos about twin flames. Last night I checked your channel and saw that your uploads were all so close together and thought to myself, ‘Wow, she really means to help.’ I hope my feelings of encouragement come through.” – Sachiko

“I love your light activation clearings. Really beautiful & im feeling such a peace & centeredness since applying them these past few days.” – Renee

“I love your YouTube videos – they are so positive!” – Nadine

“I recently have discovered your videos and website and I love it. Your voice is so soothing and comforting. The article you posted today was so accurate.” – Myeida

“Dear Sonja, Thank you for your help on this journey! My Twin called me Thursday after the last fallout! He was guarded but pleasant… Your messages are Truly making a difference. I KNOW that the clearings and activations are working because he called and there was a major shift.” -A.W, Arizona

I had a healing session with Sonja. During that time we addressed body image issues & being comfortable with my body. During the session I felt an immediate shift. I felt like I was bubbling over with energy. I felt so light & confident the entire day! Since then I have noticed my clothes fitting easier & my belly is shrinking! I’m so excited about this & can’t wait to see what else shows up!”  – Carol, Tennessee

“Once again I would like to extend my love & gratitude to you and many thanks to your twin soul for the website upgrades. I also follow you on facebook and thank you for your posts on there as well.” – Jazz

“Thank you. Loved your meditation. Energy seems to be really moving in me today after doing that.”  – C Cotro-Manes, Utah

 “Thank you so much for the Twin Flames: The Enchanted World Activation. It was exactly the message and healing that I needed today.” – Erin

I just watched your video and and did the meditation. Thank you. I felt all of what you said so deeply and cried several times ….I’m so thankful for light workers like you that have healed and are now able to facilitate those of us on our path to healing and becoming healers 😉 I’m awakening and your exercises cleared some space for sure. I felt very joyful as I said yes to more clearing and at the end when I came out of it I started to laugh hysterically for a while. I still feel overjoyed and quite honestly my body feels lighter, especially my upper body and chest. I just wanted to share with you my experience and to thank you.” – J Moon, San Diego, CA

“I know I have already said his but thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world. It’s so refreshing to see someone on their mission of service and living in joy. Your passion for your service really shines through and we all benefit from it. Blessings,” – Becca

I have to tell you today I received unexpected financial blessings…we received money in the mail today from my husband’s grandparents. not something I can say ever happened before in my life. It’s so amazing to see things shifting already. Im thankful for your class, I had a lot of issues in that area.” – AA, Indiana

Just wanted to update you, I have done most of your healing audios, and do the outflow inflow love and the marriage one daily.. after Ash ignoring me he messaged me! I know for sure it is to do with all your healing! Thank you so so much” -N.Geloo, CA

“Each video is so special and unique i feel so blessed.i can feel the energy leaving in a way ive never experienced before and its changing me in deep profound ways….my heart chakra is still huge after the betrayal video…so i know it is going to stay that way… thx just isnt enough…i turned 67 in june and i feel a whole new life beginning…” – Lindita

“Thanks so much for the beautiful healing! It was so peaceful I could have stayed in that space all night!” – Kathy

“Thank you for the reading 🙂 It resonated with me and confirmed what I’ve been feeling/sensing. I also tried the audio and liked it a lot. So much so that I would like to book an One on one session.” – Sari

“I am glad I just came across your channel! You’re very very positive and I like your website and your services.” – YouVonne

“I have to share with you something SO bizarre I actually had an orgasm with the 7 Ray meditation my mind is blown!!! Done it 3 times now about every 3 to 4 days….I’m still just floored….I knew my sex drive was low but holy wow” L.B. (On 7 Ray Chakra Healing for Twin Flames activation)