Self Love And Self Worth Installation Language of Light Activation with Mary Magdalene


Loving ourselves and knowing our value and worth is crucial in our spiritual journey, and in our Twin Flame Union.

Any lack or compromise in either two is mirrored back in our virtual reality as being unappreciated, unvalued, underpaid, money problems, doing for others but never getting anything in returned, attracting narcissistic individuals and abuse, and unseen for who we truly are.

It shows up in our Twin Flame Unions and other relationships as feeling unloved and unloveable (whether real or perceived), disregarded, unimportant, and disposable.

And it can completely shut down the flow of love between our Twin Flames, so that even if they pour love within us, it is as if our hearts are as cups full of holes, and it all leaks out.

Regardless of where you learned this illusion, as long as this is running in you, you will always be limited in the amount of love, joy, and abundance you can receive and allow.

In this Language of Light Transmission facilitated by Mary Magdelene, we will:

  • Uninstall the original entry point where this outdated program entered in.
  • Deactivate the trigger between you and your Twin Flame, in all ways that this programming is manifesting between you.
  • Install new light codes as seeds within the heart space to germinate, gently expanding the heart to open you to new beliefs in your own worth and value and ever increasing self love.
  • Reap the benefits that healthy self love and sense of self worth bring in your life in the form of increased prosperity, attracting new opportunities that match the person you truly are, opening your ability to receive the abundance that is yours, and a lessening of difficulties in your Union with your Beloved that were previously mirroring this dynamic to you.

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