Sacred Marriage Activation with Archangel Metatron


The Twin Flame Union is a prototype of Sacred Marriage between Sacred Masculine and Feminine.

One of the most powerful ways we can achieve this state of Divine Alchemy is by first anchoring it within ourselves.


All genders possess both polarities,  the Masculine, which is active expanding, assists us in the virtues of taking action, confidence, bravery, courage, duty, and honor.

The Divine Feminine is receptive and passive, representing the emotions, intuition, receiving, allowing and nurturing.

When these polarities are in harmony, we move in Mastery, and the ability to manifest our True Hearts Desires with grace and ease being effective in the world from a place of our Highest Truth.

When they are imbalanced, we can experience anything from the inability to move forward in our life, feeling disempowered or constantly undecided and torn, inertia, and in more extreme cases, overly aggressive (or passive), uninspired, and unable to really “get anywhere”.

In a world of duality, we often find ourselves attracting our polar opposite, as it is drawn to us in harmonic resonance as the Universe seeks balance.

This is why givers often attract takers, sensitives attract narcissists, and opposites in general attract.

In our Twin Flame Unions, imbalances within ourselves often are reflected back in the Sacred Mirror we provide, serving to assist us in moving in the direction of the opposite polarity.

They can also be the source of so much conflict, and discord between us, as the Ego gets involved, in order to protect it’s mission to keep us from changing.

In fact, this is the primary reason for Ego Triggering between Twin Flames.


In Sacred Marriage Activation with Archangel Metatron, the Universal Frequency of Harmony, 432 hz, the Zero Point Harmonics, or Golden Mean, is utilized to bring balance and harmonize any duality and polarized energy running within your energy field, manifesting as the opposite polarity, or counter force energy in general, in your virtual reality.

It will also balance your Masculine and Feminine energies to promote Inner Sacred Marriage, which will be reflected back in your Twin Flame Union as the cessation of patterns of imbalance in all ways those were manifesting.


In addition, it will also deactivate those Ego based triggers between you and your Twin Flame as Archangel Metatron brings Light Codes to clear the root energies throwing things off balance, and updates the energetics of the Union and within you.

Results include feeling more at peace, less vacillation, and the ability to remain neutral and in a state of non judgement, which is fundamental for manifesting, and reacting from a place of Love and peace,instead of autopilot denser emotions that snowball into arguing, fights, and strife.


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