Sacred Partnership Recalibration Session


Are you experiencing a looping pattern around a stubborn issue that does not seem to go away and is preventing your Union from truly blossoming or you showing up for all of your good ?

Do you find you and your beloved get so close to coming together in joy and harmony and then something shifts and they are running again?

Do you ever feel like there is a huge chasm between the way you know things can be for you and the way they actually are?

Are you in a state of shock around how things have played out between you and your partner and are in need of clarification and understanding to regain your sanity and make sense of what just happened?

The Sacred Partnership Recalibration Session combines intuitive guidance, quantum field work, and practical coaching to assist you in whatever is most needed by and for you to align with and anchor your True Union Codes, and find clarity with the situation at hand.


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Session Cost is $222 for 60 minutes.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship, I can break the payments into 2 parts, but you must be paid in full by the day of your session. Please email me to request this.

If you are having difficulty even with the above payment arrangement, and still need the support, email me and we can work something out.

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