Links and Recommendations

On this page I have provided some links and recommendations that are sure to bless you mind, body, and spirit!

Be sure to come back as this page will be updated regularly!!

If I could say 3 things about the exquisite healing jewelry on this website: pure Goddess swag!! Ladies, if you want to put stars in your Twin’s eyes, and/or simply feel like the Divine Goddess that you are, these amazing handmade pieces will do the trick. Check them out!

I absolutely love the work of Gary Chapman and his studies on the 5 Love Languages. So much, that I wrote an entire article about it. Sometimes we may feel unloved, or even that our Twin Flame or others in our lives do not love us when the issue is the way they give love and the way we receive it are completely different. Learning to speak each others love language is a powerful step in transforming insecurity, misunderstanding, and communication challenges. They even have a free quiz where you discover what Love Language is your dominant!

The Magdelene Manuscript

In this amazing work by Judi Sion and Tom Kenyon, Mary Magdelene channelled by Judi Sion, shares details about her Twin Flame relationship with Yeshua and the sexual alchemy that they practiced. She clarifies her position as Priestess in the Temples of Isis, and how she has been mislabeled as a prostitute, and how her lineage founded the Templar Knights. A fascinating read that really resonated with me through and through, and I hope the same for you!!

Petaltone Essences

I have used many vibrational essences for clearing spaces and energy work, and Petaltone is about the most potent and powerful I have ever used, hands down. Crystal Clear and Astral Clear is like the Mr. Clean for a room/spaces’s energy. A few drops of crystal clear in a mister, and spray your room and office, and it feels like an entirely new place energetically! They also have an incredible Tantric Set for Couples that is sure to assist you and your Partner in reaching heightened states of bliss and soul communion. I have been using this line of essences for 12 years, and highly recommend them!!

Biolumina Spirulina by New Phoenix Rising

Yes, there is a food that accelerates your ascension, increases your Light Quotient, and raises your vibration while providing boundless energy and other incredible health benefits such as boosting brain function and providing protection from radiation! What makes this Spirulina unique from others on the market is the way that it is created and processed, as it is infused with specific frequencies from the Quantum Field. It is a complete whole food that delivers so many benefits on so many levels, and a must have for any on the ascension path, and for general overall well being!

Mary Roberts, Space Clearing

Mary Roberts is a phenomenal space clearer who cleared 4 entities from my childhood home! If you are experiencing paranormal activity, and unpleasant energy in your home, don’t call Ghostbusters! Mary Roberts is amazing at what she does, and she can definitely help you.

Ten of Cups Ministries You Tube Channel

Here you will find free healing and clearing videos on a variety of topics pertinent to the Twin Flame Journey.

Love is the Answer

The goal of this project is to help people to return to their natural state of unconditional love. When we are able to love ourselves, we are happier and more compassionate towards others. Through greater love and compassion for each other, we can bring about peace.

Hemp Worx

Premium CBD and help products for you and your furry friends too. Highly recommended by a dear lightworker friend of mine, and I can attest as well to the potency, purity and effectiveness of these products.