Weeding Out Root Fear


Step into your power and sovereignty by collapsing out core fears at their original entry point!

Includes ebook (pdf) and healing audio (mp3)


When anchoring onto our organic timeline, it is essential that we are in the energies of Love rather than Fear when approaching choice points that require or actions and choices.

In fact, whichever frequency we find ourselves resonating with determines the decisions and choices made, and ultimately, the timeline or outcome we experience.

This is why it is of utmost importance to make sure we have collapsed out root fears that hold us hostage on timelines and in patterns of failure, disempowerment, and stagnation.

The reason why many of us work on the same fear or pattern for extended periods of time without a breakthrough is because we approach our healing from a superficial level, and do not reach the issue at its root.

Often what we think is the root is simply a symptom, or the stems and branches of an energetic structure (much like plucking out a weed from the surface, and leaving the root…it grows back!)

The Weeding Out Root Fear Program is designed to support you in releasing core fears from their original entry point,  over a course of time, including all of their “branches and stems” utilizing a specialized octahedron healing chamber brought online around your field while you are sleeping by God/Source and the Guardian Families.

This energetic protocol will go to the root, regardless of whether you know what that is.

It will pull out the entire structure, root, branches, and stems and create more space within your being to anchor your True Soul Essence, and shift into the level of courage and trust necessary to navigate life from an expanded space of empowerment!

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Lacee Getter | Soulful Love Living

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