The Twin Flame Within Healing Call for Venus Retrograde


Update your Organic Union Template through Hieros Gamos to completely re-calibrate your life, mission, consciousness, and ultimately  True Twin Flame timeline.


Of all the planets, Venus is the one that retrogrades the least…once every year and a half or so for approximately 40 days.

Because of this, and the fact that Venus is an inner planet ruling love, beauty, money, values, and art,  its effects are immense and far reaching.

2020 finds Venus Retrograde occurring in the air sign Gemini, the sign of the Twins.

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it causes the energy of the planet to become internalized where we go deep within to re-set, re-vise, and re-wire ourselves within to create new alignment and transformation without.

And this Venus Retrograde is providing a powerful window for us to experience Hieros Gamos, or Sacred Marriage within which is the prerequisite to truly align and bring in your true Union

So often, we try to make things work with the Twin Flame outwardly and become frustrated because there are still so many distortions running that make harmonization impossible.

Or we have attracted someone who we believe is our Twin Flame, but what we have really done is magnetize someone to us from our Pain Body to continuously mirror and trigger the distortions accumulated there.

When we achieve Hieros Gamos, the full Union of Christos/Sophia within ourselves and release the inverted Masculine/Feminine templating, we experience full empowerment and alignment with True Sacred Union with our True Vibrational and Soul Essence Match with someone who is truly embodying their own Christos/Sophia Template.

And it is providing a 40 day window into an entirely new frequency band using the catalysts of curiosity, restlessness, and duality to completely re-wire our beliefs and programming about all things Venus.

It is for this reason that I cordially invite you to join me on Sunday May 10, 2020 at 4:30 PM EDT for The Twin Flame Within: Venus Retrograde in Gemini Healing Event.

If You:

  • Are on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th (or higher) “false Twin Flame” experience.
  • Are ready to walk from the entire Twin Flame belief system because it has caused nothing but false promises, confusion, and disillusionment.
  • Want to know why your Twin Flame (or whoever he or she really was) has left your life recently (this is happening a lot).
  • Identify with being imbalanced in your being (way too much Feminine or way too much Masculine) or are operating from the negative polarities of either.
  • Would like to discover what Inverted Masculine/Feminine energy is and how it plays out.
  • Have decided to take your eyes off of your Twin Flame and this entire situation and really want to begin working on yourself.
  • Are really ready to move on to the next level regardless of what happens with your Twin Flame.
  • Want to know why Sacred Marriage/Hieros Gamos is so important to your ascension (or what it even is)
  • Are curious about any or all of the above…..

Then you don’t want to miss this call!!



**Sorry, 11.11 Club discount cannot be used with this event. We do not offer refunds, only exchanges in the event of a broken link or file.

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