Uninstalling Victim/Victimizer Software


Step into your personal empowerment and expand your ability to co-create with Spirit with this potent energetic process, extracted from a live healing call!

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Audio (mp3) Length – 13:39

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What is the Victim/Victimizer Program?

It is a disempowering template that sets up Victim Consciousness that draws to itself a Victimizer, which keeps us looping around in energetic labyrinths of helplessness, powerlessness, and emotional trauma.

It is often passed down in families where there is chronic abuse, anger, and rage, but it is also a collective template that we can become enmeshed with that perpetuates power plays and struggles of all kinds whose end result is to lock us out of the realization of the power that we do possess, or our ability to step into that power.

Vibrationally it keeps us locked in with victimizer archetypes (especially the False Tyrannical Father archetype of the Fallen Masculine) to keep us collapsed into our pain body and trauma, and constantly abdicating personal responsibility and the ability to co-create with God/Source to some “they” or external factor that is keeping us limited.

If you find that something or someone outside of yourself is the reason why you cannot do, be, and have what you want, you are constantly being hurt, slighted, or misused by others,  or you struggle with constant feelings of powerlessness, it is probably running in your field.

In Uninstalling Victim/Victimizer Software, an activation I did on a Narcissistic Abuse Healing Call from a year or two ago,  I bring in quantum healing energy to uninstall this “malware” from your light body and throughout all of your timelines and realities and recode you for a new template of personal empowerment.

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