Uninstalling Relationship Martyrdom Software


Release the programming that shows up as addiction to relationship misery and suffering, attracting one sided relationships, and self sacrifice as your normal!

Audio (mp3) Length – 19:55

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Relationship Martyrdom is a program that has its origins in child hood messages that we are responsible for the moods, happiness (or lack thereof) of others, that we are loved for what we do, that our needs and desires are unimportant, and that we do not deserve happiness.

It is often the byproduct of being raised by a Narcissitic parent, where our lives revolved around appeasing and pleasing the Narc, while our personal needs were ignored, criticized and invalidated and this then became a default setting.

When this program is running, it manifests as over giving and over extending ourselves to the exclusion of our own needs and wants and receiving very little in return, attraction of relationships where we exert so much effort that is never seen, noticed, or recognized, the tendency to suffer in unsatisfying relationships where we are victimized or persecuted in some way, sacrificing our joy and abundance to remain in them, and addiction to the sympathy and pity of others by way of complaining about our suffering, rather than seeking solutions.

A close relation to people pleasing, and victim consciousness, this subconscious software runs on autopilot, exhausting us on all levels as we seek “the payoff” of love, recognition, attention, and validating for all that we do, and all that we have sacrificed, and all that we have endured that sadly never shows up, because the program is set to never allow us to have the payoff.

Often times, this program can be spill over from previous lives where we were involved in spiritual service and made vows of penance and self sacrifice where we renounced ourselves in service to God, or believed we must be punished in some way sets us up to experience repeated “punishment” as our normal, or auto pilot service to others at expense of self.

Unless the imprint of these vows is neutralized, we give 200% of ourselves and get nothing out of it as our normal, or our relationships and other area of our lives tend to have all the look and feel of being punished, and on deeper levels we believe that we deserve it…even though consciously we want joy, peace, abundance and nourishing relationships.

Uninstalling Relationship Martyrdom Software is a super charged Infinity Healing activation that goes deep to target and locate the original entry point of this program’s installation, including karmic and ancestral sources, but it also breaks down creations set in motion by this program, decords you fro people you have attracted to your life as a result, and installs new empowering beliefs that allow you to be happy, to be free from guilt and shame that go hand in hand with this belief system, and opens you up to reciprocity, strengthening of personal boundaries, and increased Self Love and Worth.

Makes a great companion clearing to Undoing Co-Dependency at the Root, Clearing Victim Mentality, and The Box Free Life: Releasing People Pleasing and Others Opinions audio activations.

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