Uninstalling The Sexual Misery Program


Release the generational inclination to attract infidelity, sex addicts, sexual abuse and exploitation from your timeline and future generations in this potent energetic process!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:35

Sample This Clearing:


Do you come from generational sexual abuse?

Is there a pattern in your family history of marriages destroyed over chronic cheating in one or both parties?

Do you attract relationships with porn addicts?

Has there been a pattern of out of wedlock births and chronic single parenting in your family lineage?

Have you had multiple partners and now have difficulty truly bonding with anyone?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be energetically connected to an interfacing system called the Sexual Misery Program.

The Sexual Misery Program is an collective or “matrix” program that has taken the Divine Plan for Human Sexuality and inverted it so that it runs reversal currents that are the opposite of Hieros Gamos and as a result create sexual trauma, and other outcomes that are not aligned with ones True Organic Timeline and Divine Nature.

It also creates perversions and trauma around the Feminine Principal and promotes sexual division that cannot sustain true Sacred Partnership/Hieros Gamos templates when it is present,  can create soul loss and fragmentation, and siphoning of ones sexual energies and codes.

In this activation, I take you through rounds of Quantum Healing and Language of Light to collapse this program out of your field, out of your cellular memory, and ancestry, and to correct the reversal currents that it has created to create an upgraded Union Template and coherent field.

Makes a great companion clearing to Clearing Ancestral Patterns in Love, Uninstalling Victim/Victimizer Software, and Sacred Feminine Dispensation.


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