The New Earth Gateway: Healing Event for 2021, the Universal 5 Year


The Portals Open into the New Earth Timeline in 2021: Are you ready?


Freedom, timeline change, adventure, uncharted territory.

These are all the signature energies of the Universal 5 year that is 2021.

The gateways are opening into activation of our Diamond Sun Lightbody and DNA which includes activation of many dormant gifts, mission and Union templates, and a level of creativity, healing, wisdom, and enlightenment never seen before on the planet.

It is the reason that we have come here at this time!

2021 holds the opportunity for us to finally anchor on our organic timeline, and see changes within our personal life and consciousness that have previously eluded us because the templates were not in place to truly ground this into reality.  We are being granted access keys into new realities and freedom from the programs and consciousness that has held us captive…in some cases for lifetimes!

I cordially invite you to join me on New Years Day, January 1, 2021 at 5:55 PM EST for the 2021 5 Universal Call: The New Earth Gateway!

On this call we will:

  • Learn about the 5 Year, and the potentials that are opening up for us in this next cycle!
  • Learn how the crazy events of 2020 have been building up to this timeline shift.
  • Discover what the 5 years mean for YOU personally (it is different for everyone, depending on your personal numerology profile.
  • Receive an intuitive message personalized just for you on the call.
  • Much, much more!

And of course I will facilitate a group activation to support you in obtaining the keys to your own personal organic timeline and show up for all of your good this year!

You will also receive infinite access to the call and to the activation (great for going back to next December to see how this all played out).

Cost for the call is $35.55, but you can take advantage of the early bird special for $25.55 through Sunday December 27, 2020)

Look forward to seeing you there to ride the winds of change together!

**If you are in the mentoring program, do not purchase the call. Please email me instead.

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