The I AM Series: I AM Worthy


I AM Worthy targets and locates the original entry points for the primary reason for being unable to receive: unworthiness.

Whether the cause is ancestral, karmic, or from this particular lifetime, potent rounds of Infinity Healing dissolve the energetic structure, while aligning you with new self loving frequencies as the foundation for new creations in the now moment!

Audio (mp3) Length – 13:29

Sample This Clearing:


I have shared multitudes of times…if you cannot receive you cannot have.

Often our ability to receive and show up for all our good is stunted by the belief in our own unworthiness that can have its origins from messages we have picked up about the Self in our childhoods, past lives, or from the collective (the beauty industry makes millions by making sure we feel like we are not good enough).

In this newest installment of the I AM Series, I take you through rounds of Infinity Healing, especially designed to:

  • Clear current lifetime imprinting of unworthiness.
  • Clear genetic and past life and ancestral imprinting while holding space for future generations.
  • Expand set points to receive all that we were previously not able to allow because of unworthiness.
  • Begin creating our reality from the frequency of worthiness.
  • Connect to our Unique Vibratory Signature Frequency, who we TRULY are underneath all the programming we have taken on.
  • Much more!!

This clearing audio makes an excellent companion clearing to Releasing Trapped Shame, Self Love and Worth Installation with Mary Magdelene, or the Divine Receptivity Attunement


“I would like to extend my love & gratitude to you & for YOU! As you have helped me immensely with your guidance & activations. Since following your work, I am finding that I am feeling like a weight is lifting off my shoulders & I am feeling more and more aligned…. I can truly say that you have changed my life.” -Jazz

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