The I AM Series: I AM Powerfully Intuitive


Become an intuitive powerhouse by strengthening your lifeline to your own Higher Self and Guides by clearing your blocks to your own intuitive guidance!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:43

Sample This Clearing:


Are you running in circles to psychics to find answers?

Are you frequently confused about what decision to make or which direction to go in?

Do you look outside yourself for answers instead of looking within?

Do you have difficulty hearing or understanding your intuition and how it reveals itself to you?

Do you wish you could connect to your guides and teams more closely and make use of their guidance and insights?

Have you ever had a gut feeling that you ignored, then later thought to yourself that you wished you had listened to your intuition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this installment of the I AM Series, I AM Powerfully Intuitive may be the missing link to your life flowing with grace and ease.

Our intuition is our lifeline to Spirit, our Guides and our Higher Selves.

It is the GPS that navigates us away from people, situations, and decisions that are not in our Highest Good…if we are tuned in and trust what’s coming in.

When that process is compromised, we can find ourselves immobilized by indecision and confusion, making choices we regret, or spending oodles of money on psychics and readers, when we have the same intuitive facilities that they have!

Our intuition often becomes blocked by patterns of invalidating ourselves and our feelings, fear of making a mistake,  past decisions when we thought we were following our intuition but were not, and giving our power away, among other things.

In this installment of the I AM Series: I AM Powerfully Intuitive I guide you through powerful Infinity Healing Processes and utilization of the Yellow Ray of Wisdom and Illumination to:

  • Neutralize the impact of past decisions in this and other lifetimes when you thought you were following your intuition, but were in error and all ways in which that may have shut you down intuitively!
  • Call in Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame Angels to remove any false light beings posing as your guides and providing misleading information!
  • Release the fear of being “wrong”
  • Assist you in discerning true intuition from Ego/Lower Mind disinformation.
  • Cleanse and open up your intuitive centers, enabling you to receive Higher Information in the way that is perfect for you given your current level of Spiritual Development.
  • Clear the imprint of all messages received that your intuition is invalid, or that you are just imagining things.
  • Strengthen the connection between you and your I AM Presence!

The result is the ability to receive, discern, and apply those intuitive hits and downloads as they come in for a life that flows with grace, ease, and empowerment!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Stepping into Your PowerClearing ConfusionSoul Star Chakra Series: Activating Intuition, and Breaking the Chains of Childhood Emotional Neglect!


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