The I AM Series: I AM Nailing My Life Purpose and Mission

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Allow your True Planetary Contribution and service to unfold for you with grace and ease with this potent activation designed to align you with your true gifts, service, and passion!!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:21

Sample This Clearing:


Our life purpose and mission are the reasons why we are here on the planet.

Therefore making sure we are in alignment is crucial!

We have all incarnated with various gifts, passions, and abilities that we naturally possess and/or have come in with from other lifetimes that give us the ability to do what we do in service to others in our unique way.

Many times, we are unclear about our mission, feel as if we are missing the boat, or don’t know where to begin.

Often fear based limiting beliefs such as “I am too old” or “I’m not educated enough” or otherwise comparing ourselves to others hold us in lockdown.

For many who have incarnated as planetary servers many times before, persecution, exile, and execution for being an agent of change have imprinted us with the fear of moving into that power space again.

Still others of us are uncertain because we feel mission involves having a huge healing and teaching service with thousands of clients, when our purpose may involve raising Rainbow and Crystal children, raising the vibration of the whole with our visual art,  allowing our knack for decorating lead us into a fufilling career bringing beauty to ones home or simply being the Love for that one troubled soul that you have come across in your life.

This installment of the I AM Series navigates you through the common blocks and non qualifying energies that hold us back from discovering what we are here to do, and aligns you on all levels of your being with your unique contributions to the Whole.

In this activation I use potent rounds of Infinity Healing and the Blue Ray of Divine Will to:

  • Release conscious and unconscious fears of not being “good enough”, talented enough, etc
  • Neutralize the fear and anxiety of not knowing what you are here to do or that you have “missed the mark”
  • Clear the fears of failure and success!
  • Purge the root energies that manifest as procrastination and distractions from your Life Purpose!
  • Expand your understanding of service and the unique gifts you have brought in and how those can be applied to your mission!
  • Align your will with Divine Will!
  • Clear karmic imprinting from past lives when fulfilling the Divine Plan for your life caused you and/or others harm!
  • Release limitations that you have placed on what you can do, be, and contribute!

The result is increased clarity about why you are here, and what you are to do, increased wisdom about when to take action, and when to be still, alignment with the Sacred Unfolding of your mission, and decreased anxiety about the need to “do something” into the peace of “allowing something”, and an increase in awareness about how your passions, interests, gifts, expertise, and experiences create a picture about your mission!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Excavating Your Authentic Self, Stepping into Your Power, and Shifting the Fear of Failure and Success!


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