The I AM Series: I AM Loved


Create a New Story where I AM Loved is reflected back to you in everything that you do, by releasing non-beneficial programs of being unloved and unloveable at the original entry point!!

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If our relationships provide feedback about our own beliefs and programs about ourselves through sacred mirroring, then how would your relationships transform if the belief I AM Loved  was your energetic setting?

One of the primary reasons why it is so difficult to manifest loving, nourishing relationships where we are seen, celebrated, and adored as we are, is because of subconscious software that we are not loved or are unloveable.

For those of us who grew up in dysfunctional or toxic households where we were emotionally neglected, criticized, or openly emotionally or physically abused, at some point we received the message that we were not loved, or lovable, our Inner Child recreates this same painful belief over and over by attracting people and relationships that show us that we are unloveable, worthless, or unimportant.

It also shows up in repeated situations where we are unvalued, ignored and overlooked, as we are unable to receive or allow the Love of others or the Divine, even though consciously we may be open to it. There is an aspect of us that is vibrationally repelling because it doesn’t believe it is Loved.

It only believes what the program is running, which is why we must change the programming to see lasting change in our lives.

Not knowing we are loved shows up in our lives as:

  • Repeated unrequited love where we draw to ourselves relationships where we are devastated by the love not being returned.
  • Being insecure and always in need of external validation that we are loved and loveable, which in turn tends to drive the love away.
  • Inability to trust the Divine and the Divine plan for our lives.
  • Settling for situations that are far “less than” what we truly want for ourselves.
  • Feeling isolated and disconnected from others.
  • Putting up with abuse and mistreatment.
  • Not being able to receive love that is present and available.
  • Inability to receive good, including chronic financial problems.
  • Attracting “takers” and repelling “givers”.
  • Chronic unworthiness

In this installment of the I AM Series, I facilitate potent rounds of Infinity Healing, and transmissions of the Rose Gold Ray to:

  • Clear hidden software based on childhood messages of being unloved or unloveable.
  • Release karmic imprinting from previous lives that are running tapes and files of being unloved and unloveable.
  • Purge the primary core wounds that perpetuate the inability to know you are loved: guilt, shame, and unworthiness.
  • Clear the impact of past emotional trauma where rejection, betrayal, invalidation, or being ignored was a central theme.

Makes a great companion clearing to I AM the Love I AM Looking For and Breaking the Chains of Childhood Emotional Neglect, or any of the Core Wound Clearing Series. And, if you are looking for a more in depth overhaul of your self esteem and worth, try the Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp!

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