The I AM Series: I AM Enough


Transcend the limitations created by programs of inadequacy and inferiority and embody the fullness of your True Divine Self!

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I can’t do/have/be this because I am not ____________enough.”

We have all said or thought this at some time in our lives, as we honestly assess what our strengths and weaknesses are.

Most of the time we are able to brush it off and move forward taking risks and laying hold of our dreams regardless.

The problem arises for those of us whose sense of inadequacy is so deeply rooted in childhood criticism, invalidation, comparison to other siblings or children, and other negative messages we received about ourselves about all we are not that it cancels out, or otherwise disables us, consciously and unconsciously from showing up for all of our good.

Energetically these beliefs create an frequency barrier that repels the good that God/Source/Universe wants to bring to us, or will cause us to sabatoge ourselves in the attaining of our joy and true hearts desires, as this software will only let you get so far before taking the wind out of your sails by causing you to “beat yourself up” over your real or imaginary shortcomings.

In some cases, we may even draw an actual person into the situation that has all of the things we feel we lack, whether real or imaginary, and we compare ourselves to them and come away feeling inferior, jealous and less than.

This is all part of the feed back loop created by inadequacy programming, where we are never good enough, and some one else is always better.

In this installment of the I AM Series, we go deep to the core wounds around the belief of “not being enough for total transformation including (but not limited to):

  • Inner Child release of emotional charge resulting from messages he/she received that she is inadequate, lacking, or flawed in some way.
  • Deactivation the blocks that lock you out of your joy that are the direct result of believing you are not ______enough (whatever your personal not enough is)
  • Transmutation of “karmic compensation” where being proficient,  “superior” or abundant caused you or others misfortune, and you compensate now by being “less than”.
  • Clearing the lenses of lack and scarcity through which you view yourself and your life to align with the perspective of your Higher Self.
  • Shifting out of vibrational alignment with relationships, situations, etc that reinforce your “not enough” story.
  • Connection to your Divinity and Limitlessness
  • Aligning with the fullness and abundance of your unique soul essence!

The result is to remove this hidden software and create vibrational alignment where is was once locking you out, and to help you see yourself and life from all that you are, rather all that you are not, for expanded self love, and self worth.

To embody “I AM Enough” as a new energetic reality!!

Makes a great companion clearing to Releasing the Inner Critic, Clearing Inferiorty Complex Programming, and I AM Worthy from the I AM Series.

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