The I AM Series: I AM Addiction Free


Break free from addiction by healing it from the energetic and emotional root! Not a substitute for medical care.

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:10

Sample This Clearing:


Many people suffer from addictions in some form or another, be it drugs, alcohol, spending, spending time on social media, working, or food.

Even love can be an addiction, where we receive a neurochemical “payoff” from being in love, or pursuing being in a relationship with a particular person.

Regardless of the addiction of choice, there is typically some emotional void, or unpleasant emotions and feelings that we are either trying to fill or suppress, or an emotion that we desire to experience but don’t know how to connect to it in ways that the addiction provides for us.

Left unchecked, addictions can wreck havoc on our physical bodies, finances, relationships and overall well being and wholeness.

In this installment of the I AM Series, I AM Addiction free, contributed by Cupper Casey A, I guide you through multiple rounds of Infinity Healing and additional processes with Archangel Michael to:

  • Target and locate the root emotions or pain that your addiction serves to suppress or numb and clear it from the energy bodies.
  • Remove and entities, implants, or tags that may be compounding the issue and locking you into the addictive behavior.
  • Neutralize the “payoff” the addiction provides for you emotionally and physically.
  • Clear your ancestral template of addiction predisposition that you may have inherited.
  • Align you with the perfect support that is optimal for you specifically to remain addiction free.
  • Download new beliefs that manifest as new coping mechanisms, and healthy replacements for the addictive behavior.
  • I also guide you through an additional process utilizing the Blue Ray to strengthen your will and determination.

These processes dismantle the addiction at the level of the cellular memory, emotional body, and subconscious so that you can leave the shackles behind once and for all!!

**Please note that this audio is not intended to replace your health care professional. If you are being treated for addiction, and/or are in a 12 Step Group, therapy or anything of this nature, please continue to do so. If you are struggling with serious addiction, we recommend that you seek treatment and use this audio to enhance your recovery experience.

**Please also note that releasing addiction comes from truly wanting to stop the addictive behavior. If you truly do not want to stop, then you cannot engage your will, and this audio may not work for you. If you know you are not quite ready to stop, it might be best to hold off until you know you are ready to walk away.

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