The I AM Series: I AM A Miraculous Manifestor


Shift into Miracle Overdrive with this recalibrating activation, designed to take your powers to create your reality to its most infinite levels!!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:55

Sample This Clearing:


The ability to create our reality, and to experience the miraculous depends largely on our faith, the willingness to step into our personal power, and vibrational alignment to the reality we seek to create for ourselves.

Frequencies such as doubt, disappointment, and discouragement cancel out the faith and trust necessary to vibrate to the frequency of miracles and the attainment of our true hearts desires.

Most of these are based on past situations where things didn’t turn out the way we wanted or hoped, and we fear moving into that space of openness again, projecting the past on our present and future potentials.

For others still, we are still aligned with Old Earth paradigms where “we will believe it when we see it”, or are operating from our logical minds, where we are shut out from the miraculous, because it doesn’t make sense, and miracles require we suspend the 5 senses, and “see it when we believe it”.

Miraculous Manifesting requires a complete vibrational shift!

I AM A Miraculous Manifestor is an Infinity Healing activation that disengages you energetically from old 3D programming about the nature of reality as it pertains to manifesting, and completely resets your energy to open to your own power to create and align with the miraculous!

  • Clear the energies of doubt, disappointment, and discouragement in all ways those create energetic interference to the miracles you seek to create!
  • Uninstall hidden files, tapes, programs, and software that keep your from fully understanding and embracing your personal power as a conscious creator!
  • Receive a process to suspend the logical and rational mind from getting in the way of your creating!
  • Release family patterns and beliefs that “Life has to be hard or a struggle”, or living a “normal life” where extraordinary things don’t happen!
  • Unlock your Inner child’s natural faith, trust, and imagination, key ingredients for miracles!
  • Release the addiction to wanting/longing, but not having in all ways hidden aspects of you seek to keep you “safe”.
  • Receive a vibrational upgrade through the Miracle Frequency of 528 Hz and the Diamond and Gold Flame to release cellular memory recordings of limitation and powerlessness!

Your most benevolent timelines are waiting for you to show up!

This installment of the I AM Series is sure to give you a quantum boost into your Highest Joy, and True Heart’s Desires!

Makes a great companion activation to Fueled By Faith’s Fire, and the Infinite Timeline Adjustment Audio Activations.

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