The Complete I AM Series!!


The I AM Series was specifically designed and created to assist you in releasing blocks to your very best life, on all levels of your being, including releasing core beliefs that hinder self love, connecting to your I AM Presence, manifesting abundance and prosperity, your ideal weight and so much more!


All of the following activations are included. Click through to hear samples or purchase individually. On discount through Tuesday, April 20.

I AM Abundant and Prosperous (with free bonus audio Breaking Financial Chains)

The I AM Abundant and Prosperous activation clears the distorted patterns that are jamming your Unique Money Channel, connects you to new morphic fields that help you manifest money with grace and ease, and installs new programs that it is safe to receive and allow money to come to you!


I AM Open And Receptive

Transmute the inability to receive, into receptivity through the release of core wounds and software that repel your good, and healing of your own Feminine aspects!


I AM Loved

Create a New Story where I AM Loved is reflected back to you in everything that you do, by releasing non-beneficial programs of being unloved and unloveable at the original entry point!!


I AM Enough

Transcend the limitations created by programs of inadequacy and inferiority and embody the fullness of your True Divine Self!


I AM A Miraculous Manifestor

Shift into Miracle Overdrive with this recalibrating activation, designed to take your powers to create your reality to its most infinite levels!!


I AM Divinely Supported

Open yourself completely and fully to the love and support of the Divine, and shift your frequency to allow for more magic and miracles as a result!


I Am Focused And Determined

What you focus on grows.

This installment of the I AM Series will assist you in overcoming “spiritual ADD” by minimizing the activities, relationships and beliefs that distract, while developing the level of focus and determination necessary to see your intentions to their full manifestation with grace and ease.


I AM Nailing My Life Purpose and Mission

Allow your True Planetary Contribution and service to unfold for you with grace and ease with this potent activation designed to align you with your true gifts, service, and passion!


I AM Powerfully Intuitive

Become an intuitive powerhouse by strengthening your lifeline to your own Higher Self and Guides by clearing your blocks to your own intuitive guidance!


I AM Addiction Free

Break free from addiction by healing it from the energetic and emotional root! Not a substitute for medical care.


I AM My Ideal Weight

I AM The Love The I AM Looking For is a powerful clearing that removes the programs installed, and helps to reconnect you to your perfect Divine Self, activating new self love, worth and acceptance.


I AM The Love That I AM Looking For

I AM The Love That I AM Looking For is a powerful clearing that removes the programs installed, and helps to reconnect you to your perfect Divine Self, activating new self love, worth and acceptance.


I AM Safe In Love

In this installment of the I AM Series, we will clear out non-beneficial belief systems, and all of their corresponding programs, and install new receptivity to love by healing the part of us that does not believe it is safe.


I AM Beautiful

I AM Beautiful is an activation and clearing that purges the imprinting of childhood bullying and name calling, disconnects you energetically from harmful collective morphic fields, and frees you from self judgement.


I AM Worthy

I AM Worthy targets and locates the original entry points for the primary reason for being unable to receive: unworthiness.

Whether the cause is ancestral, karmic, or from this particular lifetime, potent rounds of Infinity Healing dissolve the energetic structure, while aligning you with new self loving frequencies as the foundation for new creations in the now moment!


I AM Confident And Courageous

In this installment of the I AM Series, I bring in powerful healing frequencies to clear you of the karmic and Inner Child root cause that cancels out your ability to believe in yourself.  I reset the Solar Plexus, and charge it with Solar Light from the Sun, and download new expanding beliefs that enable you to move forward with courage and confidence!


I AM Lucky Beyond All Belief

I AM Lucky Beyond All Belief is a powerful clearing that dismantles hidden files and programs that the world is an unsafe and unpleasant place where everything that can go wrong will go wrong, removes non coherent energies, and installs new belief systems where everything is working out for your Highest and Greatest Good.


I AM Doormat Free

This first healing audio in the I AM series targets these underlying energies, and resets the effected chakras, while downloading and attuning you to the frequencies of self worth, courage, and confidence needed to put your foot down, and mean it!


I AM Innocent

In this audio activation, Sonja brings in clearing energies to undo guilt right at the root, and send the energetic structure it has created for you imploding upon itself. The result is a marked shift in your self esteem, acceptance, and self worth!


I AM That I AM

In this installment of the I AM Series, Sonja guide you through a clearing protocol to clear your intuitive channels, clear doubt and confusion, strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and align you with the most powerful way you receive guidance and downloads from your I AM Presence in a way unique and unmistakable for you!


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