Sweet Surrender Activation

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Need help letting go and letting God/dess?

Release the energies of attachment to outcome that often push our good away vibrationally and into the neutrality and detachment needed to allow miracles in, while resetting your own frequency of frustration, burn out, and disappointment into peace and joy!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:29

Sample This Clearing:


On your journey do you ever feel like you have come up against a brick wall?

It seems no matter what we say or do, the situation doesn’t budge and change seems resistant to all of our efforts, leaving us feeling burnt out, jaded, disillusioned, and wondering if we should just give up.


Usually resistance in a given situation is calling our attention to our own inner resistance to what the Universe is attempting to show us or bring us that we are unable to see or understand .

The door seems closed, because there is another open, but we must surrender through the portal of acceptance or we won’t see it.

We must open our hands and let go, as open hands create space for something to be placed in them. Clenched hands cannot receive anything.

Surrender is simply an act of getting out of our own way, and pulling our energy out of a situation. In creating that void, we create space for the miraculous, as we release control of outcomes, and the need to “do something” to make a situation work in our favor, when often what we think we need to do is creating more delay, and more set back.

If we feel burnt out, we are definitely not in alignment with the highest possible good, neither are we in a state of surrender!

In this Activation we will:

  • Move through rounds of healing to assist you in clearing and releasing the primary attachments and belief systems that hinder you from trust and surrender.
  • Deactivate fear of failure and loss (the primary reasons we cling for dear life)
  • Activate the energetic frequencies of trust and faith, the two primary energies needed to create true surrender.
  • Facilitate a download from our Higher Self to reroute us to what is truly ours to do, or what to reroute or focus on that will serve the Highest Good and Most Benevolent Outcome.
  • Create a state of neutrality and balance needed to disconnect and surrender.
  • Receive the “Sweetness Attunement” from The Bee Kingdom to assist in seeing surrender as sweet, instead of something to fear or resist, as we let go and let God/dess.bee

The end result is placing you in the ultimate space for the miraculous, Divine Intervention, receptivity to all of your Good, and peace of mind!

In other words, you experience the sweetness of surrender!

I also did the “Sweet Surrender Activation” after this, and gradually I shifted into complete trust. I have my job offer now, of all the jobs I have applied to it is the one closest to my twin. I am eternally grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Doro

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