Stepping Into Your Power

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Take back your personal power through this potent activation to call back your power, heal traumas and clear beliefs that perpetuate disempowerment, and balance your masculine and feminine aspects!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:18

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Stepping into your power comes largely from knowing who you are as a Divine Child of God, and co-creator of your reality.

Once we get a handle on this, we can stop being tossed around by the circumstances of our lives, allowing ourselves to be beat down by life and others, assert our wants and needs, and make power moves that actually work out for our Highest Good with boldness and confidence.

It also means that we can shine our light and bring our gifts into the world, and allow ourselves to be seen without fear of persecution or punishment (often karmic in nature).

In this audio activation I use Infinity Healing to heal the karmic and ancestral programming being powerless, heal past life traumas involving domination, control and persecution, call back your power to everyone you have given it away to to your detriment throughout all space and time, reset the seat of your power and will (the Solar Plexus), and bring your Masculine and Feminine energies into alignment.

The result is you being more effective in your life, confidence and courage to shine, increased sovereignty and blessing the world with your creative and spiritual gifts without fear and apprehension.


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"The 10 of Cups Library is the most powerful collection of audio activations for Twin Flames and spiritual seekers in the world."

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