Step Down from the Merry-Go-Round: Exiting Timeline Loops


Break away from looping patterns that manifest as repetitive situations that never change no matter what you do!

Audio (mp3) Length – 34:38

Sample This Clearing:


A timeline loop is like a hamster wheel that we sometimes find ourselves on at different junctures of our lives.

It seems like no matter what we do, we keep reliving the same situation, relationship pattern, or dynamic over and over, often times going to multitudes of different healers and participating in multiple clearings over the same things over and over.

Many times this occurs because there is something we need to see, or learn for our own growth and evolution that we have not laid hold of just yet.

Much of the time, it is due to energies and templating beyond the level of our awareness that not only lock us down on looping timelines that drain our energy and our time, and keep us “stuck in the 9th grade” when we should actually be in graduate school!

Step Down from the Merry Go Round features 9 rounds of Language of Light, Sacred Toning and Solfeggio tones and other downloads to assist you:

  • In clearing karmic, ancestral, and subconscious patterns that serve as lock down on time line loops that you no longer need to learn or grow from.
  • Releases any negative higher dimensional lockdown, entities, parasites, or mechanisms that are working against you moving off and forward.
  • Uproots you from the grids of the loop and onto templating that is more aligned with your Highest Truth and where you are NOW.
  • Purges interference or “static from the line” that prevents you in seeing what you need to do, know, or shift in order to shift the situation and get off and stay off the loop.
  • Much much more!

Step Down from the Merry Go Round will assist you in moving past old stories that have expired long ago, and keep you a in holding pattern, and into New Realities that are a vibratory match to your Unique Soul Note!

Makes and excellent companion activation to Infinite Timeline Adjustment Audio!

“Just did the “Step down from the Merry Go Round” audio to target a looping pattern around rejection. Holy Smoke that was powerful!!” -Jon
“I bought a few audios from your website last week, which exactly addressed my issues (fear of failure, confusion etc)…and I can’t believe what happened. One day later, I was so clear like never before. I received so many downloads from my higher self and just smashed through a lot of action steps to set up my coaching business.” -Alexandra

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