Soul Star Chakra Series: Activating Intuition


Stop outsourcing your information and get into vertical alignment with the Seat of Your Christ Avatar Self in this installment of the Soul Star Series!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:45

Sample This Clearing:


The Soul Star, or 8th Chakra is the energetic center 6 inches above the head.

It is the energy center where we connect with our I AM Presence, and receive Love and nurturing Light from the Divine.

It also stores the Light Information about our spiritual gifts and Soul Plan and Mission, and karmic entanglements.

In this second installment of the Soul Star Chakra series we will:

  • Establish the strongest connection possible to the Higher Realms by to the Stellar Gateway, which is the “portal” between the crown chakra and the Soul Star Chakra.
  • Activate and sync up our Pineal gland with our Soul Star Chakra for maximum coherent intuitive downloads from our I AM Presence.
  • Open up neural pathways and activate dormant spiritual abilities in our DNA.
  • Bring in the Diamond Ray and flame to shift our vibration to the Highest Frequency possible for us at this time!

If you are ready to truly activate your true blueprint, codes, and move take baby steps into multidimensionality, this activation will support you in that and so much more!

Note: I strongly suggest the first installment of the Souls Star Series, Activating the Soul Star as a prerequisite to this audio.

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