Shifting the Fear of Failure and Success

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Release the karmic, ancestral and inner child belief systems associated with underachieving, and feeling like a “loser” and reclaim your birthright to joy, success, and abundance!

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Do you have big goals and dreams for your talents and interests, but just can’t seem to get started in any direction, for no real reason you can identify?

Is your life filled with projects and ideas that you begin to implement, but then suddenly stop or sabatoge?

Have you ever said or even thought to yourself, “I’m such a loser.”

Have you ever experience success and abundance, only to have something magically happen to ruin it all each and every time?

Have you deliberately selected or remained in jobs because they feel safe and comfortable, even though they are way beneath your skill, educational, or experience level?

If so, you may very well have a fear of success/failure program running in your subconscious.

Fear of Success and Failure are really rooted in the same energies, which is the inability to allow good in your life due to negative belief structures about your own worth, competence, and abilities. They are two sides of the same coin.

Since we know that when we are in fear, we create from that energetic platform, and cancel out love. So if we are afraid of failing because we do not believe in ourselves, or humiliation from past failures, we negate the Love God/Source/Universe attempts to hand us through the manifestation of our true hearts desires.

It is the same with the fear of success, where we fear not being able to handle our joy and abundance, or that we do not deserve it, or an ancestral program where “Everyone in my family has always__________, so I cannot move past the set point created by my family”.

Whether the root cause is a generational setpoints, a karmic oath or vow to “renounce the world”, or a 3rd grade school teacher who told us we were stupid, those programs can run on autopilot in the background of our lives, disabling us in attaining anything more than we already have, even though it no longer satisfies us or brings us joy.

In Shifting the Fear of Failure/Success, I facilitate an Infinity Healing Clearing Process to target all of the original entry points of this very prevalent and debilitating pattern, helps you connect you to the lesson of past failures, so they no longer trigger you, and increase your setpoints for receiving abundance in your life!

Makes an excellent companion clearing to I AM Confident and Courageous, I AM Abundant and Prosperous, and I AM Worthy Audio Activations.

“Thank you Sonja, you were a direct answer to my prayer today… I was praying so hard for God to give me understanding and I came home and you were there right in front of me on You Tube and you were exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!!! God is so good!” – P.

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