Shifting from Fear into Love


Get back into the flow of manifesting your True Heart’s Desires, by shifting out of the frequency of Fear and into the Frequency of Love and courage to face and conquer you fears with grace and ease!
Audio (mp3) Length – 16:06

Sample This Clearing:


Have you ever heard the saying in spiritual circles that “Only Love is real, all else is illusion?”

The primary cause of being stuck, and stagnant in life is Fear, or False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear of failure, rejection, success, hurt, disappointment, etc, based on past experiences, activate our Lower Mind’s defense mechanisms to avoid a repeat performance at all costs, and as a result keeps us in inertia, too afraid to move forward, make changes, and shine our light into the world, even though we have no concrete evidence that we will fail, be hurt, or disappointed.

In this activation, I assist you in shifting out of the frequency of fear that you may be coming up against, and into the frequency of Love, installing new belief systems that you are Divinely Supported, and that all things serve to take you to your Highest Good, regardless of outcome.As result you can move forward and take authentic action toward your true heart’s desires with grace and ease, knowing that Love is cushioning and supporting you every step of the way!

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