The Self Love Empowerment Map


What is the solution to lack, disappointing relationships, lack of meaning, and giving, giving, giving and never receiving?

Loving Your Self and Knowing Your Worth!

The Self Love Empowerment Map is your field guide to a life of meaning, empowerment, abundance, and joy!

If our outside world is a reflection of our inner world, then what would your life look like if you saw yourself as the Beloved, loving and accepting yourself unconditionally and knowing your worth completely and fully?

This is the question that we will explore as we embark upon a sacred journey of self discovery contained within the Self Love Empowerment Map.

Adapted from the backbone of the widely acclaimed Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp Course, SLEM will guide you through the metaphysics behind Self Worth and Self Esteem, uncover its barriers within the subconscious, and point you in the direction of your most authentic self.

Each module expounds on a new topic, including, but not limited to, inner child blocks, in-utero programming, and ancestral programming that set us up with inability to love and accept ourselves completely and fully.

Also included within each module are reflection questions designed to help you apply the material, and really dig deep within to discover the hidden treasure of your true Gold Self.

Upon purchase, you will receive a 178-page e-book with all 8 modules.

I encourage you to take your time with the material to see real lasting difference in how you see yourself and your reality.

Topics include:

Module 1: What Self Love is, What it isn’t

  • Why telling ourselves “You just need to love yourself more”  and being “good to yourself” just doesn’t work and is not real self love.
  • Visit the “invisible library” where your subconscious stories are filed, controlling 95% or more of your behavior and how what’s in there sets us up to devalue our selves.
  • Discover the key connection needed to change the tape on the movie playing on your personal projector screen.

Module 2: Self Worth 101:

  • How to activate both Self Love and Self Worth as a dynamic duo, to build Self Empowerment.
  • Unroot the nature of the Low Self Worth Program, and get ready to break out the “Divine Windex” to clear it from your life, forever.
  • Manifest a crystal clear vision of what Self Worth looks like for you, so you can stop attracting abusers, users, and takers, see your wants and needs as important, and prioritize them being met.

Module 3: Self Love/Worth Core Wounds and The Inner Child

  • The 5 primary programs that work against Self Love and Worth and how they show up in our lives.
  • The most powerful way for our Inner Child to disconnect from identifying with the
    programming it learned during childhood.
  • Perspectives to help you to forgive and love your parents and those who impacted your childhood, while going forward with the clearing needed for You to thrive Now.

Module 4: A Legacy of Low Self Love and Worth – In Utero And Ancestral Patterns

  • The warning signs that rejection-related In Utero Imprinting is serving as an obstacle to complete Self Acceptance, and how to empower yourself to transform these blocks.
  • How Low Self Esteem is often passed down generationally (and can end with you!)
  • Uncover the direct relationship between ancestral patterns and the awakening soul’s journey to Self Love.

Module 5: Blast from the Past – Past Life and Karmic Influence on SL/SW

  • Three types of past life situations that create interfering wave patterns that keep us believing we are unworthy and unloveable!
  • Explore the original wound of separation from Source, and how the incarnational wheel veiled us to our true identity and the affect of this on our concepts of Self.
  • Discover the impact of Karmic Oaths, Karmic Debt, and Karmic Residuals and how they impact our ability to accept the Self.

Module 6: Transforming Relationships with Self Love

  • Discover how to eliminate toxic personality types through the Power of Knowing Your Worth!
  • Learn what the “Sacred Mirror” is, and how all of our relationships serve to provide feedback on where we do not love ourselves enough.
  • Find out how our Devalue Programming shows up in our relationships and how to shift this forever!

Module 7: Self Worth and Money

  • There is a connection between your net worth and your self worth! (Hint: Transforming the latter shifts the former)
  • Explore how feeling unworthy translates into blocks to financial abundance!
  • Embrace your Divine Birthright and change your financial profile through knowing and loving who you truly are!!

Module 8: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Transition from Self Love as a concept to a lived reality to totally transform your life!
  • Discover how Self Love doesn’t just help you step into your power…it is stepping into your power!
  • Embody your Authentic Self, which happens by default through increasing your self love quotient!

Chock full of wisdom, metaphysical truth, and humor, the SLEM is the GPS guiding you to an entirely new perception of yourself, which can do nothing but change your life forever!


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