Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp

$42.00 / week for 8 weeks

Been locked in a loop of being overlooked, undervalued, unseen?

Been a magnet for indifferent, unavailable, or toxic partners?

Is everyone else on the stage of your life but you?

Maybe it is time to experience the transforming power of true Self Love in this 8 Week Program.


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If our outside world is a reflection of our inner world, then what would your life look like if you saw yourself as the Beloved, loving and accepting yourself unconditionally and knowing your worth completely and fully?

We talk so much about the importance of loving ourselves in spiritual circles, but TRUE self love is the gateway to stepping into our own power, and into the Story line of our True Hearts Desires.

When self love is compromised within our field it can show up in our lives in many ways:

  • Inability to set boundaries
  • Inability to tell people how we truly feel and what we truly want
  • Putting ourselves, our needs, and desires last
  • Attracting toxic, dysfunctional people who mistreat us
  • Money/lack problems
  • Sabotaging good things that show up for us
  • Judging, criticizing, and comparing ourselves to others
  • Feeling less than and inferior
  • Settling for far less than we deserve (and in many cases not even aware that we are doing this)
  • Hiding our light, gifts, and truth
  • Jealousy of others
  • Feeling like a spectator in life, not an active participant

How many of these sound like ongoing themes in your own hero’s/heroine’s journey?

Lack of Self Love/Worth are mostly the result of childhood messages that we received either from parents or primary caregivers or peers that we were flawed, unlovable, damaged goods, or not good enough in some way.

Like a computer, these programs became installed in our subconscious, and began running on autopilot, drawing to us energetically situations and relationships that reinforced it until it became a complex structure within our beings, often with offshoots of the program (“I don’t matter”, “Nobody cares about me”, “I’m not _____ enough” are examples of unconscious beliefs and offshoots).

But this program CAN be uninstalled and we can upload an entirely new program that is congruent with all of the good we envision for ourselves, but just haven’t been able to create.

The first step is just enough to say, “Enough!”

The second step is to allow me to be your cheerleader and midwife in birthing a new paradigm of Self Love through the Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp.

This 8 week program is created to return the most important person in your life, back to the center stage of your life: YOU, through the power that is created when you know your worth, and celebrate YOU through Self Love.

Each week, for 8 weeks.  you will receive:  a teaching module, reflection questions, Inspired Action Challenges, a charged affirmation, an intuitive message, and a healing activation/meditation to support you in Loving Yourself more and all of the shifts and benefits that come with that in your relationships, creativity, dreams, and finances.

Weekly Module Teachings Include (but are not limited to):

  • Uninstalling Childhood Programs
  • Self Love and Your Finances: The Link Between Self Worth and The Flow of Money
  • Self Love and Karma: Past Life Scenarios and How they set us up with the inability to love ourselves.
  • What to Do When Your Partner Is Not Embodying Self Love Either
  • Self Love as the “Toxic Person’s Kryptonite”
  • Stepping Into Your Power Through Self Love
  • Ancestral Low Self Esteem
  • The Metaphysics of Inferiority and Jealousy

By the end of the Program you will:

  • Shift your Self Love Quotient to completely transform all areas of your life that were “on hold” or not working because of the programming.
  • Transmute toxic shame, guilt, and unworthiness from this and all lifetimes.
  • Activate the confidence, courage, and clarity to move forward with your purpose and mission.
  • Find movement where you were previously stuck.
  • Release or transform your relationships with abusive, dysfunctional people.
  • Step into your power and authenticity.
  • Transform what had been mirrored to you when you were not loving yourself more.
  • Be open to loving, fulfilling and available partners and friendships.
  • Magnetize more abundance, miracles, and joy.
  • Embody an entirely new perspective of life and endless possibilities.
  • Be the star in your own Movie, rather than a supporting actor.

Just hear what other people have been saying:

For me in this bootcamp it was the first time I really feel the unconditional love from the source and how it really feel to love my self. I knew some of the informations on mental level , but I did not knew what and how it feel to love my self until this Self Bootcamp. And for this I do not have the words to thanks Sonja. Now I know that only I can save myself with the self love and I know that with self love it is much more easier to get through anything.” – Simina

Being in your Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp has been one saving grace for me and provides me with a structured time just for myself…  I find it very enlightening. I especially found this week’s teaching on legacy and ancestral patterns very helpful. I was glad that you included our children and any future generation in the activation. – Yangja

“I loved that the exercises were so relevant… I wanted to advance in my creativity, love and health. During the bootcamp, I found a director who’s interested in working with me to develop a short script and possibly film it. Yay! … I also met another guy… Health-wise I got a job I currently still love 6-weeks in. It pays more than I’ve ever been paid before and I can ride to work. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years… Oh happiest of days” – Mandy

“The SLEB has been a very intense and important experience for me. Thank you!” – Inez

SLEB Investment: $333

For your convenience we offer 2 payment plans: You can pay in full or by the week at $43.33$42/week for 8 weeks.

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Payment Plan:

One-Time Payment (Best Deal), 8 Weekly Deposits

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