Sealing Your Container: Boundaries 101 Healing Event


Deepen your personal power and anchor into your organic timeline through sealing compromises in your personal field, creating boundaries, and aligning with your truth in this power-packed and information rich healing event!


Do you:

  • Find it very difficult to tell others how you feel?
  • Value being “loving” over being truthful?
  • Tend to put up with unkind, devaluing or demeaning behavior in the name of being tolerant or “awakened”?
  • Find it very difficult to tell others “no” and when you do, you feel guilty about it?
  • Forgive prematurely or continue to forgive others AND keep them in your life when they show no signs of wanting to change, or making any effort to change?
  • Often feel like a pushover or doormat?
  • Find yourself giving your time and energy to people, obligations, and demands on your time, even when you really don’t want to?
  • Attract users, vampires, and Narcissists?
  • Submit to the will of others with strong personalities at the expense of your own needs and wants?
  • Hang on to relationships, people, and situations LONG after their expiration date or that you don’t even really like?

Do you do any or all of the above AND:

  • Find it very difficult to keep money?
  • Never seem to have the clarity, energy, or time to manifest your mission and purpose?
  • Feel you are wandering around in a labyrinth of never having any real sense of direction, or when you do, you run out of energy, passion, or focus before you really get anywhere?
  • Find yourself often being psychically attacked, or drained?

If you answered 2 or more from both sets of questions, you may very well have a leaky container.

A leaky container is when there is a breech in our fields, often a literal compromise in the aura, that attracts vampiristic people who feed off of or take advantage of it, manifests as leaks in money, time, and vital energy, and never having enough power behind what we do.

One of the biggest reasons behind a leaky personal container is lack of boundaries, which comes from a lack of ability to know, own, and express our truth.

The phenomenon known as lack of boundaries has many causes, most of which are rooted in childhood emotional trauma and neglect from toxic and dysfunctional households and learned patterns of codependency and suppression of ones true needs and desires as a running program.

There are also spiritual reasons due to various types of past life vows and traumas, and the natural Service to Other inclination of the Starseed/Lightwork that has gone unchecked.

Regardless of the reason, a Leaky Container renders us ineffective, as the flow of our personal Chi and Source Energy is outsourced into directions that are misaligned with our integrity and truth, and this misalignment keeps us rooted on an inorganic timeline.

If this resonates, and you are ready to truly step into your power and anchor on your organic timeline, I cordially invite you to attend my healing event: Sealing the Container: Boundaries 101 on Saturday July 18 at 6PM EDT.

On this call I will:

  • Discuss in depth the phenomenon of leaky containers and the childhood and karmic trauma that sets us up to have one.
  • Reveal the importance of  living and speaking our truth to create integrity and coherence throughout our fields.
  • Share habits that we all have to some extent or another that weighs down and leaks our energy.
  • Illuminate the connection to sealing your container to both the ascension path and personal sovereignty and why it is so important right now.
  • Facilitate an energetic process to seal our personal containers, activate the throat portal, clear hexes, curses, and vows from the throat portal, and bring congruence throughout the field (and much more as guided).

Admission to the event is $44.44, which give you endless access to the replay in the event you cannot attend the call live, or want to listen in again as much as you want.

Log in information will be sent to your download area upon purchase.

Hope to see you there!

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