Sacred Space Psychic Protection Class


Join Sonja for a replay of this very special “Defense Against the Dark Arts” (and other energies) Class designed to step you into your power, create sovereign space, and dispel darkness through energetic alchemy and shining your light!!


What is Sacred Space?

It is our own field of sovereignty where our own Soul Vibration is the predominant frequency in our field, and other energies, and consciousness fields are not allowed and/or permitted, particularly those that are to our detriment and create blocks, thoughts, obsessions, emotions, and a resonance field that we would not experience if they were not there.

And whether the Sacred Space we are seeking is our own personal bioenergetic field, or the place that we call home, nothing and no one has the right to intrude upon our personal liberation and sovereignty.

But, unfortunately… it happens.

More than we would like to know. And mostly due to lack of awareness. and knowledge about the subtle realms, and what goes on there.

It becomes all the more difficult (and in some cases impossible) when there is foreign energy in our field to be a vibrational match to our true soul mission and hearts desires.

Depending on what is getting access to us, we could be attracting a whole lot of stuff that is not a vibrational match to us, but is a match to what and who is around us and in our field.

If we have not properly learned how to manage our energy, step in our power, clear our field and command our space, especially as empaths, it can leave us open and vulnerable to:

  • earthbound spirits
  • parasites
  • cords/hooks/feeding tubes from other “infected”individuals
  • psychic attack, brainwave entrainment and energetic enmeshment with others, and
  • negative thought forms that keep us locked down and limited.

In the Sacred Space Psychic Protection Class we will:

  • Learn how to identify several different types of psychic attacks and how to disable them.
  • Discover what is truly operating behind many “psychic vampires.”
  • Explore various entities, signs they are present, why and how they become attached to the energy field and what to do about this. (Including why smudging does absolutely nothing to clear them, and why commanding them into the light often doesn’t work either.)
  • Discuss “Sexually Transmitted Entities”, and the importance of discernment with sexual partners if you seek to raise your vibration.
  • Do dark beings cease to bother you, if you just don’t focus on them? Learn why and how this is one of the most disempowering beliefs in New Age circles.
  • Talk about EMF fields and how they leave us vulnerable to attachment and psychic attack.
  • Discover how to create sacred space, including during the dream time where a lot of astral attacks occur.
  • Learn how to close doors that allow negativity to get a foothold.
  • Do a powerful clearing and shielding activation to upgrade your energy and command Sovereign Space and deepen discernment!
  • Have your questions answered during Q and A!

You will have infinite access to the replay, including the evenings activations after the call! This way, you can always register, and listen later in case you will be out trick or treating with the kiddies!

**If you attended Clearing the Nasty Gnarlies call a few years ago, this call and activation is completely different (even though similar subjects will be covered), and a lot more information-rich, so I hope you will join me for Round 2!

Sorry, but 11.11 Club discounts do not apply for this class.

We do not offer refunds, only exchanges in the event of a broken link or file.

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