Sacred Feminine Dispensation


Sacred Feminine Dispensation is a very powerful 7-part activation of Sacred Tones and Language of Light from Shekinah Holy Spirit, the Feminine Aspect of God to heal, clear, and purge oppression, exploitation , and violence of and toward the Sacred Feminine from your timelines, and maternal ancestry!

Audio (mp3) Length – 31:56

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For centuries, the Sacred Feminine energies have been suppressed, oppressed, abused, and forgotten, reflected in an our culture as the repression of, and violence and domination against women, patriarchal religion, and disconnect from feelings, creativity, and intuition.

The Twin Flame Union is, at its most fundamental level, a template for Sacred Marriage between the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.

We achieve this balance within ourselves first, then within our Unions.

Many of us, particularly those who incarnated as the Feminine Counterpart, have elected to do so, and in doing so have taken on from our ancestry, the collective subconscious and conscious, and through many incarnations the pain and suffering the Sacred Feminine has taken on from Imbalanced and Distorted Masculine energy, manifest by domestic violence, rape, sexual exploitation, degradation, and numerous other scenarios we have experienced in this and in other lifetimes, or held in our fields on behalf of our Family, leaving us feeling stripped of our power and our Light on many levels.

As we move at an accelerated rate into 5D, the Sacred Feminine is being called to heal the thoughtforms that have traumatized her Consciousness so that she may take her place by her King.

She is the Sacred Womb of his Awakening, which is one of the reasons most awakened Twin Flames are in fact women, or men very balanced with their own Feminine energies.

The Mission and Purpose are gestating within her!!



Sacred Feminine Dispensation is a very powerful 7 part activation of Sacred Tones and Language of Light from Shekinah Holy Spirit, the Feminine Aspect of God, and the Divine Shakara, the Template of the Sacred Feminine for Sacred Union, with healing light and support from the Feminine Archangels and Ascended Masters.

In this activation you will:

  • Be cleared through out all of your Timelines of all Wounding to the Sacred Feminine you have personally sustained in all your incarnations.
  • Be cleared throughout all of your Timelines of All wounding you have perpetrated against the Divine Feminine through out all of your incarnations.
  • Clear any templating you are carrying through your Maternal Lineage in all ways that disempowers you and hinders your Sacred Feminine from truly shining in the world.
  • Deactivate connection to any mysoginist morphic fields and any deep seated self hatred of ones self as a woman, or one’s own feminine energies.
  • Clear you of any and all lifetimes or ancestral karma where oppression of women is a the norm.
  • Activate and renew and bless your own Unique feminine energies in the way that is optimal for you, in all ways she is to shine in the world, and in your Union.
  • Receive a blessing of the “Sacred Womb”, the energetic center where you are carrying your Twin Flame, your mission, and your purpose.

You do not have to be a female to benefit from this activation, as we have all been both genders throughout our incarnations.

If you are male in a Twin Flame Relationship with an absent female partner, you can even hold sacred space to share this healing with them! Or vice versa!!

This activation will assist in dismantling any energetic interference to Union that is the direct result of these patterns, and all ways that your Twin Flame may be mirroring this back to you, and in any and all ways disempowerment of your Sacred Feminine energies may be hindering you in your life.

You may be surprised what this was showing up as!

Makes a powerful companion audio to the Sacred Marriage Activation, to help create that place of balance and harmonized polarities within.

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