Rising from the Ashes Bundle


Transform heartache to joy, and feel normal again after extreme abuse and mistreatment in your Twin Flame Union with these 8 Audio Clearings especially designed to reboot you on all levels of your being, help you find your power center, and love yourself more to establish healthy boundaries!

Are you in a Twin Flame Relationship with a narcissist, borderline, or otherwise cold and uncaring person?

Does your Twin Flame care less about your boundaries, the Sacredness of the situation and act more like your enemy than your Divine Counterpart?

Are you ready to take back your power, heal your wounds, and shift the situation once and for all?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these, the the Rising From The Ashes will assist in clearing the beliefs and programming that is creating and amplifying the problem in your relationship at the source.

Our Twin Flame provides the most powerful mirror, reflecting back what it is we truly believe about yourself and relationships. After all, we can tell what frequency we are vibrating with, and what subconscious programs are running by what shows up in our lives, regardless of what we think we believe or want.

These 8 audio energy clearings target and clear the primary causes of being a victim, doormat, or dumping ground for angry, dysfunctional and/or abusive behavior, and shifts your frequency to allow for more love, empowering choices, gentleness, and coherent states that align you with the most benevolent outcome for your situation!

Or in other words, you become like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes of sorrow and futility!

In the Rising from the Ashes Bundle you receive:

  • Core Wound Clearing Audio: Love Hurts: Shift your relationships and consciousness and open to expanded states of love, through the releasing of the subconscious program and belief system that Love Hurts!
  • Stepping Into Your Power: Take back your personal power through this potent activation to call back your power, heal traumas and clear beliefs that perpetuate disempowerment, and balance your masculine and feminine aspects!
  • Clearing the Trauma Field: Clearing the Trauma field is a Light Language activation from the Angelic Realm designed to clear the negative emotional charge, and soul shock and loss as the result of extreme abuse, devastation, loss, and tragedy, creating an integrated field, harmony, and the return of all loss aspects of your consciousness, regardless of if the trauma was experienced in this or a past life.
  • The I AM Series: I AM Doormat Free!! This first healing audio in the I AM series targets these underlying energies, and resets the effected chakras, while downloading and attuning you to the frequencies of self worth, courage, and confidence needed to put your foot down, and mean it!
  • The I AM Series: I AM Worthy targets and locates the original entry points for the primary reason for being unable to receive: unworthiness. Whether the cause is ancestral, karmic, or from this particular lifetime, potent rounds of Infinity Healing dissolve the energetic structure, while aligning you with new self loving frequencies as the foundation for new creations in the now moment!
  • Burnout Restoration Process: This powerful nourishing energetic process is for those who have had prolonged exposure to hardship, stress, struggle and trauma that has manifested as feeling numb, burnt out and disconnected from life and joy, and ones Higher Self.
  • Undoing Codependency at the Root: Release childhood wounding and imprinting, and generational morphic fields that result in unfulfilling relationship patterns such as unhealthy boundaries, rescuing others, needing to be needed, inability to say “no”, attracting abuse and narcissists, low self worth, guilt and shame and much much more from the original entry point.Take back your Power and Reclaim your Purity and Innocence and watch your relationships and life reflect the new self worth and freedom installed through this energetic process!!
  • Plus, a surprise bonus activation! (Hint: Phoenix)

This is about $177.00 worth of activations, being offered for $111! And if you have a the coupon code from You Tube, you will receive 20% off of the already dramatically reduced price.

Just enter it at the checkout page!

If you are ready to say yes to loving yourself and seeing that reflected back in your relationships and every area of you life, then this bundle is the turning point for you!

If you are new to 10 of Cups Ministries, be sure to check out our testimonials pages and read about the amazing shifts and changes that are happening for so many.

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