Releasing Twin Flame Attachment


Transcend Twin Flame Separation-related outrage, neediness, desperation, and heartbreak and move into the state of grace and ease necessary to allow for peace, and healing for yourself and for the situation’s Highest Good!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:26

Sample This Clearing:


Often when our Twin Flame storyline is not changing, or our Beloved has taken up with another lover, we are told we need to detach from the situation and surrender.

But what does that mean exactly and how do you do it, especially when you find yourself is a state of emotional distress over what is (or is not) going on?

Detachment simply means we are completely and totally neutral about the outcome of the situation and it is an ideal state in these instances because attachment always creates an opposing force that creates non-coherent emotional states for us, and repels our Twin who energetically does not and will not respond to neediness or desperation in us.

Not only that, but it also serves to allow for our own Higher Selves and God/Source/Universe to get involved without us interfering so that we may obtain the wisdom the situation has for us, returning the attention and focus to the healing and responsibility we must take for what we are co-creating in our lives, and what we are resonating with that is drawing certain dynamics to us.

Releasing Twin Flame Attachment is an energetic activation featuring rounds of Infinity Healing that connects you to the “hows” of detachment in a frustrating Twin Flame situation where your time, energy and focus are overly directed at your Twin Flame, the hurt the situation is causing you, and/or excessive obsession with getting back together or the situation in general:

  • Neutralizes the fear of letting go of the situation.
  • Targets, locates and clears the core wounds manifesting as any neediness or desperation.
  • Releases any pain from the emotional and pain bodies that are a result of the situation requiring detachment.
  • Clear Past Life imprinting of tragic loss and disappointment (often at the root of attachment)
  • Disengage your energy from non beneficial energetic enmeshment and entanglement with your Twin Flame’s energy in all ways this is hurting and not helping the situation.
  • Assist you in releasing any need to control the situation
  • Aligns you with peace and understanding that creates an emotional environment to support you in trusting the Divine Plan and guidance about what is yours to do next.

The result is the ability to transcend heartbreak and pain, remain in your calm center, gain clarity about what direction for you to go in next, and the creation of an energetic state that supports Divine Healing for the situation for all involved.

In short, it helps to shift you out of a fear based approach to the situation and into the Heart Center where the miraculous can and does happen!

Makes a great companion clearing to Sweet Surrender and Blessing of the Void Activations!

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