Releasing The Inner Critic


Neutralize the program that manifests as self depreciation, talking you out of your joy, and locking you into feelings and beliefs of inferiority…otherwise known as the Inner Critic!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:05

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The Inner Critic is a disempowering sabotage program that degrades, invalidates. and ridicules you from within, keeping you disconnected from your authentic self and life through looping beliefs that you are not good enough, you don’t know what you are doing, or you are otherwise flawed in some way.

As a result, it keeps you stuck in a comfort zone, in the energies of shame, comparing yourself to others, and taking needless detours, as it also keeps you second guessing your intuition.

It constantly reminds you of your inferiority, how you are not as good or worthy of others, and why no one cares about you and what you think or what you want.

It also works in tandem with your Lower Mind to “keep you safe” by talking you out of newness and changes and are truly beneficial, and stuck in old stories, regardless of how unhappy you actually are within them.

The Inner Critic forms as a direct result of overt and covert messages we received in childhood about being unworthy, inadequate, crazy, or flawed and damaged in some way.

When this occurs over a long period of time, these voices take on a life of their own within our own consciousness, and becomes hardwired into our brains to devalue ourselves as a learned pattern of being. This begins the ongoing conflict between our Authentic Self and the Inner Critic for who is going to be in the driver’s seat, and for many of us, the Inner Critic has been there for a very long time, whether we consciously realize it or not.

Releasing the Inner Critic is an audio activation designed to:

  • Uninstall the programming around the origins of your own inner critic,
  • Release the core wounds associated with its development.
  • Undo self depreciating hard-wiring, and assist you in allowing your True Self run the show, and not the Inner Critic.
  • Unveil the true you that has been hidden under the masking of the Inner Critic
  • Shift out of frequency match with critical and invalidating people
  • Empower you to disconnect from the Inner Critic as the “voice of truth” to redirect you and your Inner Critic to the authority of your Higher Self.

The Inner Critic never goes away altogether but we can take back our power from it, and shrink it within our beings, while turning up the volume on our Inner Truth and Guidance, which is the doorway to freedom.

Makes a great companion clearing to Clearing Inferiority Complex Programming, I AM Worthy from the I AM Series, and The Self Love Empowerment Bootcamp Program.



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