Releasing Non-Beneficial Cords


Clear space in your life for new love, experiences, adventures and creations by clearing the etheric cords to people, places, thoughtforms, and even things that no longer serve you and bind you to non coherent or and outdated frequencies that no longer serve you and repel your good vibrationally!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:40

Sample This Clearing:


Any connection that we have in our lives that carries a strong emotional and energetic charge, reveals where we have attachments.

When we become attached to others in relationship, we form etheric cords with them, so energetically the connection remains intact.

When these relationships dissolve in the physical, often these cords remain intact and a remnant of the other parties energy remains in our field, and ours in theirs.

We can also become corded to non physical things that hold strong emotional energy, and even morphic fields of thought.

These cords can transcend our current paradigm into past lives, and create a mufflling effect between us and the frequency of experiences, relationships, and locations that are more an energetic match to who we are becoming, but clogging up our own bio fields with old stagnant energy and residuals.

In Releasing Non-Beneficial Cords, I work with Archangel Michael and your own I AM Presence to sever energetic cords to that which no longer serves you to create a clean slate, and more of your true authentic self through attuning you to your Unique Vibratory Signature!

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