Rainbow Flame Ascension: 7 Days To A Shining Aura & Super-Natural Manifesting

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Reclaim more bright sun shiny days, and fewer dark nights of the soul!

The power of manifesting and the state of your energy field are directly linked.

Here’s how to put more Light and magic into your manifesting.

Join before we get started January 7th for a dramatic discount… only $77 for this 7-day immersion experience 🌈🔥


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Time Commitment: As Little As 7 Minutes A Day For 7 Days – At Your Own Pace

Course Introduction

In Awakening and Metaphysical circles, we often hear about “Raising your vibration”… right?

Being Part of 10 of Cups Ministries for 4 Years Gave Me A Big-Picture Meaning Of “Raise Your Vibration”

The cool thing about raising your vibration is that there are unique ways for everyone to do it.

There’s no one “right answer” to leveling up energetically.

However… I have noticed something missing.

You see people online represent different color “rays”…

Blue Ray.

Gold Ray.

Orange Ray…

And so on.

That’s awesome, because, for example, the Blue Ray is a force that gets things done.

And that’s what so much of humanity needs 😀

I celebrate healers focusing on a specific color of ray.

At the same time… since 2006 or so when my massage therapist friend introduced me to Hands Of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan…

…I’ve been kinda obsessed with the Human Energy Field (also known as the Aura).

And if you’re at all obsessed with the Human Energy Field…

…then you start to notice patterns, with the colors.

And you notice that every color of the rainbow exists as subtle spiritual light…

And that “rainbow flame” can permeate our entire energy field, one level at a time… if we allow it.

Rainbow Flame Ascension is a course that rockets us through process of unfolding our natural radiance!!

What’s In The Course?

Module 0: The Holographic YOU – How the 7 Colors of the Rainbow Flame Naturally Ascend Through All 7 Levels Of Your Energy Field.

The holographic perspective may be basic info to experienced seekers… but it’s an important foundation so I wanted to make sure we include it.

Module 1: The Red Ray – Charging the field, burning out dis-ease, turning passion and pain into purpose, power and peace

Module 2: The Orange Ray – Increasing sexual potency, immunity and soul ambition… loving all of YOU in the flesh

Module 3: The Yellow Ray – Clearing mental fog, sharpening the intellect and sense of Self

Module 4: The Green & Rose Rays – Balancing, nurturing, and healing Love that conquers all

Module 5: The Blue Ray – Cooling, calming, restructuring the Ether with the help of Your Inner Teacher

Module 6: The Indigo Ray – Tapping into Your Intuition for Laser-sharp Creative Envisioning

Module 7: The Violet & White Ray – Connection with Divine Spirit, the One Source of all Light

Each Module Contains Downloads with Activities, Exercises, and Enriching Experiences for the Body, Mind, and Spirit… to Awaken that Color Of Energy and the Associated Energy Center (Chakra) – Up Through The 7 Levels Of Your Energy Field.

I’ll email the downloads each day…

… and from there YOU pick and choose what to take, buffet style!

The quickest, lightest amount of involvement is a 7-minute immersion video each day for you to watch or listen to.

Or you can go deep in your study, exercise and meditation…

Flourish at your own pace!

You get lifetime access.

The course begins January 7th… so if Rainbow Flame Ascension resonates, don’t hesitate!!



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