Liberation Through Forgiveness

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Manifest the “clean slate” energy and purfied vibrational state that comes through the Power of Forgiveness, whether you need to forgive others, or you are the one needing to be forgiven.

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Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood spiritual concepts.

What comes to mind for many of us when we think about forgiveness, is “excusing” toxic and harmful behavior, or “letting others off the hook” for mistreating us so that they, on many levels, appear to have gotten away with it.

What forgiveness truly means is “to set free” or “to liberate“.

And, often unbeknownst to us, the very one being set free is us.

So many times when we say we have forgiven someone, we pay lip service to forgiveness, while in our hearts we are still bound and chained energetically to the person/situation.

How can you tell if you have not truly forgiven someone?

  • When you see /hear about the person you still feel a charge emotionally.
  • You feel outraged or angry inside when you hear the person who harmed you is doing well. Conversely, you feel happy and vindicated when you hear they are not doing well.
  • You still think about what happened, and it creates a strong negative emotional reaction.
  • This person has attempted to make amends, or set things straight, and you refuse to talk to them, or hear what they have to say (the exception being with ongoing abusers who have used this tactic to hoover you back into relationship)
  • When you think of the person or events,  it is often accompanied by thoughts such as “How could he/she do this to me?”

When we refuse to let go of the desire to punish others or hold them accountable through grudges and unforgiveness, we create energetic bonds with this person/people, often resulting in karmic ties that bind you to the incarnational cycle, and the need to work things out with these souls until forgiveness is attained.

It also binds you to negative and dense emotions, locking you down on timelines that may not be your most beneficial.

And we cannot proceed with the ascension process, or even create vibrational alignment with our joy with these types of imprints in place.

This is energetic bondage of the worse kind!

Especially if we want to continue moving in a positive direction and into 5D living.

Or perhaps there are people who are energetically bound to us due to wrongdoing we have doled out in this or other lifetimes and we need to be freed and forgiven.

Either way, it is not about “excusing ” toxic behavior or anyone getting away with heinous acts. The Law of Action/Reaction, commonly referred to as the Law of Karma will take care of that.

It is about US getting free energetically so we can move forward. Whoever has harmed us will be repayed, but that is not our responsibility or problem.

Our responsibility is liberation.

In Liberation Through Forgiveness, I take you into a sacred chamber within the Temple of Purification to facilitate a healing transmission with Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel of the Violet Ray of Divine Forgiveness, Mercy and Transmutation and Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy desgined to:

  • Transmute energetic blockages and cords that exist between you and someone you need to forgive, whether in this or another lifetime.
  • Neutralize the energetic charge associated with the dynamics between you.
  • Cleans the energy bodies of all templating that is holding you back as a result of what has occurred.
  • Neutralize all energies of revenge and retribution being directed at you due to those who don’t forgive you, known and unknown.
  • Opens you up to understanding the lessons involved with the situation.
  • Moves you into the level of Unconditional Love necessary and possible for you at this time to remain free.
  • Recycles all the transmuted energy for you to reuse however you wish.

You might be surprised just how much the energy block of unforgiveness has been keeping you from showing up for all of your good.

Experience the energetic reset that Liberation Through Forgiveness provides.

Makes a great companion clearing to Forgiving the SelfColor Frequency Splash: The White Ray

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