Karmic Release for Twin Flames


Clear the dissonant programming, imprints and beliefs that you and/or your Twin Flame have taken on in your many incarnations that are directly or indirectly keeping you out of Union…including other people interfering in the relationship with whom your (or your Twin Flame’s) soul contracts have ended!

Audio (mp3) Length – 17:52

Sample This Clearing:


Twin Flame separation, drama and problems are not always necessarily due to the “mirror” effect, but rather from karmic imprinting manifest as programming and beliefs from past lives that we have experienced either with or apart from our Beloveds.

This includes very intense dynamics with third parties interfering in your relationship, or in either of your lives in a way that creates negativity and breeds discord.

Sometimes this provides lessons needed for soul growth and evolution, but often times it is extraneous energy lingering in our hologram that creates non coherent energetic barriers to Union and looping frustrating patterns that never seem to resolve themselves.

In this audio, we will work with the energy of you and your Twin Flame to…

  • Target and locate any vows or oaths made by any party, you, or your Twin Flame in a past life, and clear them from the Unified Field.
  • Clear and dissolve any binding oaths that other people have made toward you or your Twin Flame.
  • Transmute any imprinting that no longer serves you or your Highest Good.
  • Delete any soul contracts in either of your fields and ego triggers that are related to those contracts.

This audio makes an excellent companion healing to Clearing Ancient Separation Wounds.

“At about 6:30 pm I decided to do the karmic release meditation 3 times in a row. It was powerful and at 8:30 I had a channeling session with [name omitted for privacy]. She confirmed that I had released something major.” – Suna

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