Inner Child Freedom Activation


Create safe space for your inner child and clear the hidden messages from childhood that manifest as fear, rejection, and the illusion of not being good enough from their original entry point!

Audio (mp3) Length – 21:28

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What is the “Inner Child?”

The Inner Child is an aspect of our consciousness that is responsible for our experience of creativity, play, joy, wonder, and feeling carefree.

Our Inner Child Consciousness is also the culmination of our early childhood experience, the part of our psyche who has filed away all of our childhood experiences, and influences us in the Now moment based on his/her desire to avoid experiences that have created shame, guilt or fear, or causes us to recreate versions of them because it is what we learned and is therefore “our normal”.

When our Inner Child Consciousness creates autopilot programs that manifest as avoidant behavior patterns or attracting dysfunction because it is all we have known, or other coping mechanisms that may have helped us through confusing or painful times as children but are no longer appropriate, then we must support our inner child releasing them, and learn to re-parent him or her in ways that help him/her feel safe, protected, and loved in his/her world and rekindle the magic, joy and wonder of life and innocence.

In Inner Child Freedom Activation, I use rounds of Infinity Healing and transmissions of White and Pink Flame and Dolphin energy to:

  • Deactivate hidden files based on overt or covert childhood messages of not being good enough, not being lovable.
  • Purges guilt and shame, the two primary distortions installed in childhood.
  • Clears the energy around being punished for being who you truly are and rewarded for compliance in all ways you have learned how to hide you light as a learned behavior.
  • Reactivates play, being spontaneous, curious and trusting in all ways this is needed as an adult to experience magic and miracles.
  • Clears “dysfuntion as normal” autopilot programming at its original entry point.
  • Disconnects you from non-coherent family belief systems no longer needed but still creating energetic impact.
  • Restores innocence, purity and unconditional love.

Makes a great companion clearing with Breaking the Chains of Childhood Emotional Neglect Healing Audio

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