I AM Series: I AM Open and Receptive


Transmute the inability to receive, into receptivity through the release of core wounds and software that repel your good, and healing of your own Feminine aspects!

Audio (mp3) Length – 16:24

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No matter what it is we seek to create for ourselves, be it more prosperity, a Sacred Partnership, a shift in an existing situation, radiant health, or even intangible things such as more joy, peace, and love in our lives, if we cannot receive them, we will always find ourselves longing and seeking, and never really having.

And while consciously we may want to see the full fruition of our true hearts desires, oftentimes there are subconscious programs and other software running below the level of our awareness that cannot and will not allow ourselves to be happy, and receive.

These programs are show up in various ways such as:

  • Receiving constant visions and inspirations that excite us but we never take action on to become a reality.
  • Remaining in futile situations that are not joyful to us.
  • Saving up money or making plans to do something or buy something we have always wanted/wanted to do, but then “creating a crisis” that aborts our plans, or puts them on an extensive back burner.
  • Inability to receive love, help, and support from others.
  • Feeling repelled by compliments, recognition, and praise.
  • Constant and persistent financial hardship.
  • Longing for and daydreaming about something that fills us with joy, but never happens, no matter what we do, no matter how much we know it is for us to be/do/have.
  • Habitually being there for others, being giving and generous, but seldom, if ever receiving anything back.
  • Efforts taken to receive your true hearts desires usually ending in disappointment.
  • When you hear of or think of something that truly resonates with you on the soul level, the very next thought is something along the lines of, “Yeah, like that would/could ever happen.” and it ends there.
  • Constantly feeling on the verge of breakthrough, with breakthrough never happening.

Installation of these programs occur from:

  • Chronic unworthiness/guilt/shame from this and other lifetimes.
  • Beliefs that you do not deserve to be happy due to low self worth.
  • Imbalances within your feminine/receptive aspects and/or between your masculine/feminine.
  • Lower mind setpoints attempting to keep you in a comfort zone.
  • Disempowering spiritual beliefs, such as ,”It’s better to give than to receive” or “Receiving what you want is selfish and unspiritual”
  • Fear of what others would think, particularly when there is a family morphic field of “playing it safe”
  • Karmic compensation where being prosperous and successful caused you and/or others misfortune.
  • Other negative beliefs such as “Nothing ever goes my way.” or “I have bad luck” that are caused by extreme disappointment in this or other lifetimes or timelines.

In I AM Open and Receptive, these core beliefs are yanked out from the root through rounds of healing transmissions while new programs of openness to all of your Good and the ability to receive it are installed.

Imbalances between within your Sacred Feminine and between your Masculine and Feminine are also corrected, and reset, to assist you in creating a new and empowered receptive state, including the increased awareness of when to take action (Masculine) and when to move into allowing (feminine) to maximize your manifesting.

Makes a great companion clearing to Releasing Receptivity Setpoints, and Sacred Marriage with Archangel Metatron.

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