The I AM Series: I AM Focused and Determined

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What you focus on grows.

This installment of the I AM Series will assist you in overcoming “spiritual ADD” by minimizing the activities, relationships and beliefs that distract, while developing the level of focus and determination necessary to see your intentions to their full manifestation with grace and ease.

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:40

Sample This Clearing:


Imagine setting out on a road trip to Disneyworld, then while on your way, you see another road and decide to turn down that way and go in that direction instead, then get upset that you never made it to Disneyworld.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

And even though that is a highly exaggerated example, it is not too far removed from what happens when we set goals and intentions when we have difficulty with focusing.

Fear disguised as distractions and excuses creep in, we get off course with activities that consume both our time and our energy, or we give into inner voices that discourage us, until we lose sight of where we were even going in the first place.

Spiritual Focus is essential for manifesting, energy needs a direct target to hit, or our efforts become diluted and scattered, never amounting to anything much.

Whatever we focus on grows, so if we are seeking to see a certain change or shift or situation manifest, and we are focused on what is not there, what is going wrong, what isn’t happening, what the other people involved are or are not doing, this is where the creative energy goes, and we get more of what is not there, what is wrong, what isn’t happening, etc.

We cannot drive looking out of the side window, and in a similar way we cannot reach our desired destination, if we are unable to focus on the process of getting to there.

Our attention and focus must be on where we are headed, what we DO want.

In this installment of the I AM Series, I take you through several rounds of Infinity Healing, and an additional activation with Archangel Uriel and the Ruby Ray that will:

  • Clear non beneficial core beliefs that disuade you from starting or finishing your goals.
  • Deactivate procrastination and excuses at their original entry point.
  • Aid you in developing discernment around activities and endeavors that scatter energy or consume energy that you could be directing toward your end result and desires.
  • Neutralize the core beliefs around unworthiness or inability to receive, and other self sabotaging mechanisms that manifest as the “Inner Debbie Downer”that discourages you.
  • Help you to differentiate between True Hearts Desires and ego based desires (because it is easy to lose focus and interest on a goal that is not truly what we want or a match to our authentic selves)
  • Reverse laziness and complacency
  • Help you to open to Higher Self guidance on how to focus your energy on where you TRULY want to go as a new setting.
  • Charge up the seat of your will, the Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Pull your focus and energy out of the past and out of the future to anchor it in the Powerful Now.

The end result assists you in developing laser-like focus to hone in on your True Hearts Desires, and what you DO have and what it WILL require of you to see them through to completion, including the steps needed daily to get there.

It will also assist you in remaining focused, even when distractions,, and adversity shows up to pull you off course.

Makes a great companion clearing to Clearing Confusion, I AM Nailing My Life’s Purpose And Mission, and Fueled By Faith’s Fire.

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