The I AM Series: I AM Divinely Supported

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Open yourself completely and fully to the love and support of the Divine, and shift your frequency to allow for more magic and miracles as a result!

Audio (mp3) Length – 18:07

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Why is it so important to know you are Divinely Supported?

Well, knowing this completely and fully eliminates anxiety, dispels discouragement, releases the illusion that there is no one to help or support us, and ushers us into grace, where we can let go of trying to change and fix everything on our own.

It is also the essence of faith and trust, two virtues that are absolutely essential to manifesting and seeing situations through to their fruition.

Knowing we are Divinely Supported by God/Source/Universe is challenging for many of us, and the reasons can vary from unworthiness and inability to receive Love, to past lives where it felt and seemed God abandoned or turned His/Her back on us, to the results of dysfunctional early childhood dynamics where we received the messages that no one cares about us or our needs and dreams, and as adults, we never truly know what Support feels like, looks like, is like.

In this installment of the I AM Series, I take you through potent rounds of Infinity Healing to

  • blast blocks to you fully feeling safe and supported in your circumstances and true hearts’ desires,
  • transform the programming that “no one cares” or that you have to do it all on your own, and
  • expand your energetic space to get you “out of the way” to allow for more Divine Presence to connect you to magic and miracles!

The result is more faith and trust, more confidence that all is working out for your highest good, regardless of what is happening in the situation, increased peace and anchoring in of Divine Love, and more evidence from God/Source/Universe and your angelic teams that they are with you, and all is well.

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