Healing Maternal Wounding with Mother Mary


Deactivate the negative emotional charge, unforgiveness, and energetic blockages associated with your relationship with your Mother.

Audio (mp3) Length – 40:59

Sample This Clearing:


No Mother is perfect, and no relationship with one’s Mother is perfect either.

However, for some, it was an extreme challenge in childhood, struggling with the imprinting that results from abusive, neglectful, or narcissistic Mothering.

Feminine energy is normally nurturing, supportive, and nourishing. If our Mother was abusive and narcissistic, and our needs were not met, the result can be invalidating of ourselves, inability to get our needs met (or even identify what they are), inability to feel safe and secure in our world, feeling lack of support, self blame and judgement.

If she was extremely controlling, we can lose touch with what we really want, become people pleasers, and sabotage ourselves as our Inner Child subconsciously recreates the inability to do anything that “pleases her”.

In Healing Maternal Wounding, 7 rounds of potent Language of Light and other High Vibrational Healing assists in:

  • Clearing the negative emotional charge associated with the abuse from your cellular memory and pain bodies.
  • Calls back the power and the energy taken from you, given away, or left behind with your Mother.
  • Neutralized negative dynamics that you and your Mother many have shared in previous lifetimes.
  • Clears inherited programming and beliefs that manifest as recreating and reliving your Mothers dramas, traumas, and disappointments.
  • Releases negative etheric umbilical cords, which is an actual energetic structure that perpetuates unhealthy dependency and interfering energies between you and your mother that do not serve you as an adult (whether she is still living or not)
  • Dismantles and energetic structures of unforgiveness and resentment.

In this audio, most of the transmissions are Language of Light and Sacred Toning as transmitted by Mother Mary, and I also call in Divine Feminine oriented Archangels and Ascended Masters to also transmit healing and clearing energies, facilitate compassion and forgiveness, and peace and closure with your troubled childhood relationship with your mother.

Makes an excellent companion clearing to Undoing Codependency at the Root, Narcissistic Abuse Healing Activation, Sacred Feminine Dispensation, and Clearing In Utero Imprinting.

At 40 minutes long, with 7 rounds of energy clearing and activation, the low price of $22.22 may not last, but your maternal wound healing will 🙂

“I felt very moved to tell you that your recent healing relationship with your mother, with the 7 activations, was absolutely amazing! My core wounding has always been my mother’s non-maternal instinct . . . I think even though I listened to it yesterday, you’ve cracked it!” -Meike

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