Happy Holiday Alignment Bundle


Embody the frequency of miracles and magic this holiday season and watch your reality shift in the most magical ways through love, joy, faith, and gratitude!

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This bundle includes:

  • Activating Joy with Archangel Haniel – Ready to take your experience of magic and miracles to the next level? Activating Joy as your new energetic setting is the fast track to accelerated vibrational resonance to all of your good!
  • Expanding Gratitude ActivationGratitude is the gateway to abundance and miracles, and raises our frequency to vibrate with Love and Joy and even more to be thankful for. Deactivate the patterns of lack and failure by focusing on what you don’t have and what is not going right or working and step on into the Wonderful World and energetic state that gratitude opens up!
  • Fueled by Faith’s Fire – Annihilate your doubts and bounce back from discouragement and past failures to take the fast track to your True Hearts Desires through the power of Faith.
  • Divine Love and Healing Transmission –  Receive Divine Love from Divine Mother/Father that will assist you in healing congestion around the heart chakra from past betrayal, rejection and heartache, expanding the heart and assisting you in operating from the frequency of Unconditional Love in all moments.  Please note: This transmission is not available on the 10 of Cups Library as a stand alone activation.

Separately, these four activations would cost almost $90, but they are available to jumpstart your frequency in preparation for 2020 for $55.55!

Remember, the Happy Holiday Alignment Bundle will only be available through Saturday, November 30 at midnight EST, so if you are ready to truly change the the game within and without, act now while you can!

"The 10 of Cups Library is the most powerful collection of audio activations for Twin Flames and spiritual seekers in the world."

Lacee Getter | Soulful Love Living

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